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  1. Light’s Master

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    i know people are allowed to share videos and pics but i want to know if there is anyone starting a livestream tonight? not sure if anyone is going to try to port it on the PC on the first day or if that will even be a thing, but i'm hoping, that just like KH3 some people are going to livestream it
  2. Light’s Master

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    i dont think it will make sense to make a PS6 release lmao people have just started getting PS5s cause theyve been in stock more this year and idk how much longer are their delays for these games are gonna be anyways
  3. Light’s Master

    ¿, Porque creéis que sora está en Smash Bros?

    en verdad creo que es parte de la estoria cuando en KH4 el va a game central station y conoze los otros heroes de los juegos. en verdad es muy interesante y creo quien tenia la idea es bien inteligente 😂
  4. Light’s Master

    NEO: The World Ends With You is coming to PS Plus

    here's lil old me just hoping we get a season 2 announcement soon too
  5. Light’s Master


    i beat him on critical mode level 65. i used midnight blue and no links (you can dodge roll the whole DM when he sends the giant bots after you) and it took me a long time. totally worth it and i broke a remote once 😂
  6. Light’s Master

    Nomura shares message regarding Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta test

    lets see what we get for jump festa this year. if we dont get anything next weekend then i have no idea when to expect news.
  7. Light’s Master

    Nomura shares message regarding Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta test

    well the english trailer still does say *limited to specific regions. i assume its going to be a raffle in Japan to get access to the CBT, like how they choose random people to go into the private events we find out about 12 months later lmao
  8. Light’s Master

    Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PS Extra!

    i honestly read "Kingdom Hearts TV Series" for some reason and was like why would they put the show on playstation plus 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Light’s Master

    [Discussion] The relevance of the plot of Re: Coded and how it made its relevance from KHUX and how it might make its way into the Lost Masters Arc

    i made a theory that the data is gonna be used to the new Keyblade War in Quadratum and that Sora is gonna be made aware that people are stuck in the data. if the machine they used to decode the journal makes a comeback then maybe they can analyze the BoP if they even find a copy (or take...
  10. Light’s Master

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    i made a theory a few months ago that he learned time travel thru his mark of mastery and visiting neverland and learned there. mostly because of the kh3 opening he sees the purple star which is the same as neverland's and also we never got to see him during his own mark of mastery so who knows
  11. Light’s Master

    Why the Master of Masters is in Quadratum Theory

    whether or not they will use the reapers game as a setting, it looks like MoM *edit*
  12. Light’s Master

    Why the Master of Masters is in Quadratum Theory

    after the ending of KHDR, do you guys somewhat agree that i feel as if its super relevant that that was part of Xehanort's story. if not this can go back to being shelfed lmao
  13. Light’s Master

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    bro me too this is why i came to this thread to ask if everyone also lost their old cards and equipment. sad that we have to start over but at least leave is with what we paid for :( i had great cards before the update and couldnt restore purchases
  14. Light’s Master

    Mickey's Inevitable Time Loop Theory

    I started replaying Dream Drop Distance and realized that Mickey's mission given to him at the end of Melody of Memory by Yen Sid will eventually send him in a time loop. The reason why I say this is because during Dream Drop Distance, Sora meets Mickey when he's a musketeer and training under...
  15. Light’s Master

    Master of Masters' Fighting Style

    because he is the original owner of No Name, i'm assuming his powers are a combination of everyone whose weilded it and he can draw those powers into the future (KH4) because essentially those keyblades were made from medals that projected the future during the time of KHUX which is the time...
  16. Light’s Master

    KHML needs to be a true action game - literally KH on a phone. No gimmicks, no PNGs and endless gacha, no flick rush, if it wants to succeed.

    hey i do this now after Xbox Cloud Gaming brought Fortnite back into iOs. there are also mini remotes that are bluetooth compatible for iOs to make these games possible. by the time KHML comes out it will be almost 2023, and youre telling me a mobile game cant have touch and controller options...
  17. Light’s Master

    Why the Master of Masters is in Quadratum Theory

    After hearing what the narrator says in the KH4 Trailer: And also seeing MoM at the end of not only the KH4 Trailer but also in the KH3 Secret Ending, I believe he is stuck there. Just like Sora, MoM ended up in Quadratum after disappearing in the KHX era, and most likely after Kingdom Hearts...
  18. Light’s Master

    KHIV Character Battle Quotes & VA Suggestion

    As most of us have seen the new KHIV trailer, Sora looks much older than he does after KH3. It may be a little early to get into the voice acting aspect of the game, but I hope this eventually reaches the SE Localization team to have Sora sound back or close to his KH2 voice. I've always...
  19. Light’s Master

    KH4 probable worlds

    what if the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movies come through into KH4? i feel like that would be pretty cool took since its both Disney and a realistic movie