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    Give the above user a theme song!

    Just do as the title says! Omg I wonder what mine will be.....
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    T.N.G.O.M.A.S.C(Musician Club)

    THE NEXT GENERATION OF MUSICIANS AND SINGERS CLUB Welcome to "The Next Generation of Musicians and Singers Club." This is a place for all musicians and singers to discuss music, what instruments they play, playing styles, other musicians/singers that inspire them, favorite...
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    Your Favorite ► Favorite thing?

    What's your most favorite thing in the world?(Has to be one thing and it has to be an object, no people!) Mine is my guitar
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    Call of Duty: World at War

    Anyone else besides me in love with this game? The storyline is fun and addicting and the online multiplayer is 10x the fun. Everything is very balanced and so far, I've witnessed, nor heard of any lag. In my opinion, Game of The Year.
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    Best Cd/Track?

    Which Cd/Track do you like most?Right now, I'm torn between Diamonds in the Rough by Avenged Sevenfold and City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold.
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    Schizo here, hey everybody

    Hey, hey Schizo here(not real name-->guitarist name) and I'm from the Big Apple, also know as New York City. I'm 13 and currently in the 8th grade. I love my guitar(Although I'm still learning), music and video games. I really don't like morons and ignorant people although they mostly occupy...