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    Is Terra a Guardian of Light or Seeker of Darkness?

    Re: is terra guardian of light or seeker of darkness? 1 thing is that he or thank you for sharing yourself and everyone know offline
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    Trying to get the BBS FM Secret Ending on Standard Mode.

    Thank you for sharing one secret has been kept for a long time nhé
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    0.2's Secret ending/ ending ideas?

    Secured never been concealed over time it will be exposed r truth
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    Twilight Town mansion mystery connection

    I know that's kinda small in comparison to all the Unicorns and Pegasus, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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    HELP: KH series numerology. I'm confused

    Actually, that calculator is probably the villain of the series after the Xehanort saga, and all the titles thus far have simply just been a tease/easter egg for what is to come.
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    Is there anyway to re-obtain the dream sword?

    Every cookie cutter RPG has a main character that uses a sword. Keyblades are much more awesome.
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    Unlocking Deep Dive?

    If you beat it on Normal or Beginner, you have 100% the entire game to get the ending