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  1. Liodin

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    For me the main problem is the one that all characters models since 0.2 have, which is the lighting/shaders. They look like wax or plastic. NPC's and the pieces too. In 3 they fixed it a lot, although it is still noticeable, but it seems that we are back to Terra in the 0.2 demo.
  2. Liodin

    Happy Birthday, Nomura! (Ask Him Anything)

    What was going to be the "mystery KH", and why was it cancelled?
  3. Liodin

    Kingdom Hearts 4 was supopossed to release today

    I'm sure most of you remember that two years ago the biggest leak in the history of video games happened. The Nvidia GeForce Now database leak. And among the large list of games, Kingdom Hearts 4 was one of them, with a release date of 2023-09-30. Now in retrospect, we know that the list was...
  4. Liodin

    When are we expecting news?

    Since Geoff Keighley got the trailers for FF EC and Rebirth, both at the same event, it's possible we'll see KH at The Game Awards. If not in February there is usually a State of Play, so if they plan to do the same thing they did with Rebirth and FF16 and release a trailer a little before the...
  5. Liodin

    Kingdom Hearts V-CAST Game Files Ripped

    Thanks for sharing the files. I have it working on Bluestacks but without sound. Is that normal?
  6. Liodin

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    That's not what Nomura said, it's what KH13 translated, which they themselves published a tweet rectifying. And here is mine if you are interested:
  7. Liodin

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    What Nomura actually said is that the prototype contained 50% of the final game, not that they were halfway through development. And we know from multiple interviews that the game has been in development since at least 2020. So I want to imagine that the fact that they hasn't shown it again is...
  8. Liodin

    kh4 leak from Snitch's discord, talking about 2nd trailer and potentially PS5 exclusivity

    I was just about to post this. The user who leaked the information has a history to back it up. This in addition to the rumored State of Play this month, or even at the Tokyo Game Show, I want to believe this is real. Edit: From what I am reading the user who leaked this information is an...
  9. Liodin

    Place your bets (Part 1)

    I feel this is good news, and from certain moves at Square Enix and Disney since the anniversary, I think this may mean that they have decided to go all in and make Kingdom Hearts a much bigger IP both at SE, with more and bigger games, and at Disney, accepting the franchise as part of their...
  10. Liodin

    KINGDOM HEARTS Concert - Second Breath - to be held in Japan in 2023

    Well, we still have another date to look forward to. Nomura's message gives me hope he will give us something next month.
  11. Liodin

    KINGDOM HEARTS Concert - Second Breath - to be held in Japan in 2023

    Less than 24 hours to know if there's any kind of news
  12. Liodin

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    Okay, now I'm convinced that there are people who make it confusing on purpose. I mean, how can you be so convinced of something so wrong, that several people spend their time explaining it to you in the best possible way, and decide that the rest are wrong and it is you, the one who doesn't...
  13. Liodin

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    There may be different interpretations, but that does not mean that all are valid. Most of the time the answer are clear, and people are not able to understand that sometimes they are the problem and not the game. Either because they want everything to be explained explicitly and are unable...
  14. Liodin

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Thread of tweets with lots of detailed information. They even describe the beginning of the game and it is very interesting. It would be great if someone could translate it and make an article compiling the information.
  15. Liodin

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Since the trailer I've always been confident in the game. When the Japanese testers started sharing their impressions I was even more so. But now that I've seen with my own eyes some gameplay I can only say that the game has the potential to be what we all wanted from KHUX, and everything will...
  16. Liodin

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link Prototype Test begins January 2023 in Japan

    Excited to read the impressions of the lucky ones in Japan who get to try it tomorrow, or today afternoon-evening for many of us. There are already people commenting that the title menu song is the same arrangement of Dearly Beloved as the trailer. Hopefully someone can record/extract the...
  17. Liodin

    Expectations for 2023

    For those of you who are interested to know what improvements KH4 will have when using UE5 look on youtube for the Matrix Awakens tech demo. And a few weeks ago the engine was updated to version 5.1 which added and improved many features, so the demo no longer represents the current quality...
  18. Liodin

    Expectations for 2023

    Missing Link and a KH4 trailer. That is the only thing we can realistically expect. If someone expects something else, those are no longer expectations but a wish list.