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    BBS Site Updates

    Seriously? When did KHI update that you could see the systems and worlds on the Japanese Birth By Sleep page? Can I please have the link?
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    BBS Site Updates

    Anyone catch this update of the Japanese BBS site? KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep You can look at the systems and worlds.
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    I heard that they want to make Kingdom Hearts an Anime?

    Yeah, I said for KH Movie. True, it may not be legit, but it's better than having no evidence at all.
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    I heard that they want to make Kingdom Hearts an Anime?

    Yeah, that's the site I found. XD It's sort of funny how one little thing can cause a huge, re-uproar of the movie/anime thing
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    I heard that they want to make Kingdom Hearts an Anime?

    Um, I have a thread similiar to this, but with a KH movie. I have some proof from a site: [link to the thread] http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/130947-kh-movie-what.html
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    KH Movie Discussion

    Look at this, the 13th one down: Casting Calls for Movies, TV, Disney and Models - Search Casting Calls Okay, not that Kingdom Hearts wouldn't make a good movie, but has anyone else heard about this? Is this just some hoax, or has what people have been disscusing for ages finaly become a...
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    About Sora's choice...

    It might have been kind of weird for Sora to go on one of those 'Who am I?' jourrnys. It might be like another Roxas. XD Two emo characters? Itsn't one enough?
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    About Sora's choice...

    Ooo, great idea! It might have made the game more confusing, and it will leave a greater opertunity for plotholes, but it would have been fun =D
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    About Sora's choice...

    Hmm, intresting idea. I'd guess: -He'd have to meet everyone all over again. -He wouldn't be asking where Riku was all the time -He would probably think that the Riku-Ansem guy was his friend, since he wouldn't remember the apperence of that enemy -He wouldn't know about the DTD, and that...
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    i realized something

    On Roxas' last day in Twilight Town, he met up with Sora. They fused back together. However, later on in the game, Roxas comes out of Sora (boy, that sounded SO normal XP) This happens because Namine is a part of Sora, so Sora can never be completely whole until Roxas AND Namine join back...
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    Two things I still don't get (About Roxas's Twilight Town)

    So...basically everything is the data Twilight Town was digitized (well, except for Roxas) Then, was the DiZ and Riku digital, too? Oh, and I know that DiZ is Darkness in Zero, but I forgot how I knew that, so does anyone know where it says that?
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    can riku die in kh2

    Yeah, he can die, I tried it. I was wondering the same as you: Can Riku die? So I took away EVERYTHING from EVERY party member and took away ALL potions and found some Beserkers and ran Riku into them XD And $P!K3Y_613 was right, he just sort of stands there with stars above his head and he...
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    FM+ help

    Hey, in KH2:FM+ how do you get the extra cutscenes in Japanese? For me when I played the whole game through, all I got were silent scenes with music and subtitles. Yet on KH-Vids, they have those cutscenes with the Japanese voices. So....how do I get to that setting?
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    Organization 13 cards in Re Chain of Memories

    So the only way to get the cards in Re:CoM (Japanese Version) is to get into those special rooms? Awww, those rooms are really hard to get into :P
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    If you played Re: COM already

    Roxas card? There is a Roxas card in Re:CoM, the Japanese one? When/How do you get it :DDD
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    If you played Re: COM already

    Oh yeah! I am still working on beating Reverse/Rebirth in the original Japanese game, though. But yeah, I'm still gonna get the English version, hopefully the day it comes out :D I really want to hear who is doing Larxene's voice. They better not ruin her evil little cacklle!!!!!
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    Naminé and Kairi - wtf happened there?

    Let's see here.... Sora probably remembered Namine because Namine remembered what happened in Castle Oblivion....and when she 'merged' with Sora/Kairi, her memories reconected the ones that she undid. I think Sora mentioned Namine later on was becuase maybe he starting thinking that he may not...
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    re chain of memories controls

    Lolz, Naruto!! That would be..interesting XD Well, one thing is for sure, no one can ever raplicate the original Larxenes laugh!
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    re chain of memories controls

    But, but, his voice...changed...I'm not to sure how it will sound with the KH1 Sora's body and the KH2 Sora's voice...
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    re chain of memories controls

    It's a great game, I am gonna buy the English one, too. I can't wait to see the new dubs! Hey....what are they going to do about Sora's voice though?