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  1. marcoreo

    kh 3d trailer info and link

    view here VGChartz - Please Take A Moment To Visit Our Sponsor
  2. marcoreo

    NA Website updated

    check this theme out Nice PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Theme for FREE it is a nice theme with all the keyblades i like it even tho i wish the official square enix ones would come out
  3. marcoreo

    BBS 1up review!

    Re: Birth by Sleep 1up review! damn i was 2 seconds too late again! o well here it is written out Kingdom Hearts has gone nearly five years now without a console iteration. The portable titles, like Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days have attempted to change or imitate the main series, though...
  4. marcoreo

    Gametrailers Review

    damn love gametrailers review they talk about most of the important stuff and they have long intresting reviews. 2 thumbs up :D (and i love the score they gave this awesome game
  5. marcoreo

    to get the final episode

    sorry if this has been adressed already but i dont want to make a terrible mistake when i get the game ( in 4 days) to get the final episode do you need to save the three senarios in one save spot or in different ones?
  6. marcoreo

    optional game install. not illegal

    because his last one got closed. game install is optional you can do it straight from the UMD there are different sizes (even tho i dont know them by heart) and the biggest data install is recommended so the loads are less long data install is just when you install the game on the memory stick...
  7. marcoreo

    Over 100,000 North America Pre-Orders for BBS!

    im expected it to sell a good 1 mil to 1.5 mil in the first weekish. ( that is including the japanese version so the international should sell a good 700k at least i think
  8. marcoreo

    sony's broken promises?

    damn this would be intresting and cool if you could make them release the game on ps store. i mean its true that if sony made a new console its expected that all games will apppear on it.
  9. marcoreo

    RPGamer's Review of BBS

    I think we have to go there we can't leave such a quote unquestioned! This is BS. Squareenix havé always been good at showing off breathtaking graphics so it was either data install or an inferior game. And it doesnt deserve a low rating because of load Times because thé option is there! They...
  10. marcoreo

    LEVEL article about Kingdom Hearts- the history, the creators and Tetsuya Nomuras thoughts!

    Awesome find Man. Im also european so i feel thé pain with you. I havent read thé whole article yet but this is perfect reading as we are only days from thé release date i lové finding out everthing about famés i like and this is perfect stuff thanks alot evev tho i Heard this already it mâkes...
  11. marcoreo

    Are you getting BBS day one?

    Im getting it day 1 and im very excited bout it sadly m'y day 1 isnt thé same as yours tho D: i lové in germany. I cant even enjoy thé spécial édition at thé moment bcause im too poor Dx
  12. marcoreo

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    yep i hope its still coming its one of the main things which makes me wake up these days and i wanna see if i get picked
  13. marcoreo

    Gamespot review

    no the review spoils absolutely nothing he even states that square enix tolf them not to mention anything about the story
  14. marcoreo

    Gamespot review

    apparently even tho i dont believe it he said it has long loading times even if you data install BS anyway i watched the reviews for other kh games on gamespot and to me the others have alot more negative stuff said about them then this one. The reviewer even says that this is a step forward in...
  15. marcoreo

    Gamespot review

    i totally agree after reading the review one more time i thought it was ok he said alot of good stuff and nothing bad not heard before... except terra VA i mean after alot of ppl hating on aqua now he doesnt like terra and what can we expect next mickey mouse and goofys voices were not squiky...
  16. marcoreo

    Gamespot review

    ops my bad.. i was looking at the pc review he did give the ps3 xbox a 9 i was just trying to somehow prove he is a bad reviewer ;p
  17. marcoreo

    Gamespot review

    yea i hate kevin v reviews... i remember him giving a 8 o.O to assassins creed 2 one of my all time favorite game a 6.5 to re:com which did not deserve that score! and a 6.5 for star wars tfu which also deserves better
  18. marcoreo

    Gamespot review

    damn was just about to anounce this was lurking around gamespot looking at the sports champoins review o well beat me to it nice find even if the review is a bit dissapointing imo
  19. marcoreo

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    xD 13 different reason you made sure all the chances were on your side ;p
  20. marcoreo

    2 new BBS reviews!

    i saw both of them b4 didnt wanna post them cus they are based on the japanese game but yea i think they are 2 good reviews found 2 more review too this one is old based on jpp version http://www.psbeyond.com/reviews/Kingdom-Hearts-Birth-by-Sleep-Review.18791.html this one is new us version...