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  1. TwoTailedMoon

    How do you feel about time travel?

    So essentially, the 'leaving your body behind' rule doesn't count for YX? Even though he was 'granted' the power of time travel, he doesn't have to follow the laws of time travel? If that's the case, why would Nomura make that rule at all? It's not like anyone else is capable of time travel at...
  2. TwoTailedMoon

    How do you feel about time travel?

    Question! I'm sorry if it's been answered already. I've been reading through the forum, but I can't seem to find anything definitive. How is YX even able to time travel at all? Isn't one of the rules that you can't take your physical form with you? He sure seemed like a physical force to me...
  3. TwoTailedMoon

    SoOOO Awesome (Video)

    YouTube - Kitty is coming for you =3 :36: I'm not sure if it's more cute or awesome.
  4. TwoTailedMoon

    Do you even notice the change in sora's voice anymore??

    I just realized that I had forgotten what the old Sora sounded like. So I guess the transition was successful. Opinion?