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  1. Askelon

    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    That would be nice! Except i expect more Isa and Lea being the main characters of the "search for the girl"-game. Ansem SoD was also looking for some clue about her so maybe he will make a cameo.
  2. Askelon

    Luxord's final gift

    I hope this card will be more relevant than Sora's parents. I though it could trap somebody in it like he did with Mickey and he would use it to gain some time but guess will see more of it in KH4 (or not. . .)
  3. Askelon

    Namine and ???

    Under her mask, Ava has the face of Namine. :tongue:
  4. Askelon


    After all this years i really hope we don't see any Riku or Sora biological parents. They basically went MIA for 2 or 3 years, come back at the end of KH3 and then Sora just disappear again. Sora's mom: Dinner's cold for 2 years, where were you? Sora: It's all started. . . with a talking duck...
  5. Askelon

    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    That's an interesting power. . . if she ever got that kind of development. Maybe it's another letter of her that will bring Sora back. The problem is not that she could handle it or not. Before they gather at Yen Sid's tower she just got 2 cutscenes i think which make her absent for a long...
  6. Askelon

    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    That part was cute and really make me like her character. . . at the strat of the game at least. Sora is also not innocent, when he went to see Merlin he didn't even ask anything about her and just hop in a book.
  7. Askelon

    Next Game

    I don't really feel it. Versus XIII started with an awesome looking cinematic, characters etc and we know how it end.
  8. Askelon


  9. Askelon


    But the white dress suit her so much, i can see her having the same dress in 10 exemplars. And it would make more sense for her to go in Twilight Town to hang out with Roxas and Xion but again it would be more buddy's bond than family. Or Terra somehow remind that she contacted him while he was...
  10. Askelon


    I expect a little rivalry between them, like the one he has with Sora.
  11. Askelon


    They all have more or less a Stockholm syndrome. :D
  12. Askelon


  13. Askelon

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    There's a balance they couldn't find. On one hand Riku is constantly KO as is Xion (don t remember for Ven Aqua), on the other hand Roxas just solo kill Saix.
  14. Askelon

    The TRUE name of Xehanort's keyblade!

    I think the "Gazing Eye" refer only to the big blue round thing and "No Name" the rest of the keyblade.
  15. Askelon

    Anybody else feel like the next entry will be DLC?

    That's really optimistic. With the remake of FF7 i don't expect another main title of KH series before they finish FF.
  16. Askelon

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Terra didn't do a lot of thing after beating the shit out of him and getting norted.
  17. Askelon

    What did you LIKE about Kingdom Hearts 3

    The Kingdom of Corona was such a fun world and i really liked Rapunzel and Flynn. It makes me want to watch the movie.
  18. Askelon

    Wishful Thinking: Understanding Kairi and her future in the series and just overall venting

    Yeah i found Riku's reaction to Kairi's"death" underwhelming. They are suppose to be chilhood friend but he just shout out "Xehanort" and went in. Come on, show more emotions. As for Kairi i hope that her kidnapping will be a plot point for her development. Maybe she could feel guilty about...
  19. Askelon

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    We're Steins Gate now. I hope the next game explain more about Scala and why it was the seat of power of Keyblade's wielder.
  20. Askelon

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Btw was it ever revealed who the traitor Vexen mentionned to Demyx was or was it just a bluff?