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  1. Johnny

    Spoilers ► Future Games

    I heard that the days game will be also about axel and gang finding out more about lea and isa's 3rd friend from the castle from the secret reports. There also will likely be another spin off game with the Disney crew (Mickey/Donald/Goofy) visiting past worlds looking for Sora. So expect many...
  2. Johnny

    Spoilers ► Future Games

    Expect these games coming before KH4 in a couple of years. Birth by Sleep 2 featuring Aqua/Ven/Terra exploring the Dark Realm worlds for clues to finding Sora. Dream Drop Distance 2 - Riku delving into his own dreams, Kairi's dreams, and Yozora's dreams with the help of Master Yensid and Fairy...
  3. Johnny

    I believe _______ is inside the black box.

    Maybe it happened when Xehanort looked down at the guardians of light after he summoned the labyrinth on the cliff. Remember he smirks and chuckles, then there is a clash of some sort above him in the clouds. I was confused as to what that was.
  4. Johnny

    I believe _______ is inside the black box.

    Nomura def would do something this crazy, I'm even going to the limits and saying MoM is actually Sora grown up in another timeline/dimension from the future. The 3rd heart in Sora is not Xion, because the Organization already had her in the Vessel. Plus the way the secret reports talk about...
  5. Johnny

    I believe _______ is inside the black box.

    I fully believe that Sora is in the black box, and that is how he returns to the KH worldline after he traverses thru wherever he is now. 1. MoM gave Luxu the black box but didnt say when it came from. (Post KH3) 2. The box doesn't appear in the Keyblade graveyard until Sora "disappears" 3...
  6. Johnny

    Next Game

    I definitely dont believe the game in the secret movie will be KH4 like some people do. They will probably make 2 or 3 spin offs before we even get 4. Since Riku is there, its probably DDD 2, or something else.
  7. Johnny

    3rd Heart in Sora

    Also the bit when Kairi said to Sora "You are safe with me" seemed OOC, could have been Ava talking to Ephemer when they were flying back to the Graveyard. Then Ephemer helps Sora beat the Heartless Tornado.
  8. Johnny

    Darkling on game cover represents _____

    What if the Darkling on the game cover represents Skuld? It is also holding a star which is her thing. Also the girl Lea and Isa tried saving from Xehanort. Axel: Sun Saix: Moon Skuld: Stars
  9. Johnny

    3rd Heart in Sora

    I was thinking about this last night - What if the 3rd heart in Sora is Ephemer, and Ava's heart is in Kairi?
  10. Johnny

    Could Kairi actually really be ______

    I was thinking that too before I played KH3, but none of the other foretellers aged, so I dont think she would either.
  11. Johnny

    Could Kairi actually really be ______

    After beating KH3 I had a few days to sit on the info we were given. We know Ava does not show up to the Foretellers meeting in the ending. Why wouldn't she show up? Something is preventing her from doing so. Is it possible that Kairi is really Ava but she had lost her memories from the past?
  12. Johnny

    Mystery surrounding the Unknown Girl

    It's ava. Isa/Lea/Ava all have 3 letters in their names.
  13. Johnny

    My thoughts on the Kingdom hearts 3 ending and Nomura SPOILERS

    This game should have been wrapped up better at the end. They did well with the other trio's, but flopped with Sora Kairi and Riku. Sora deserved a happy ending. I was more annoyed than anything that he wasn't on DI with everyone he saved having fun. Even more annoyed that Riku didnt say to him...
  14. Johnny

    A Mystery Within The 100 Acre Woods...

    Clearly lots of stuff was cut/left out cause they just wanted to release the game already. What bothered me about the 100 acre woods was it was basically the same mini game just with different visuals. At least the past games were all unique mini games there.
  15. Johnny

    Ardenelle Vent

    This world seemed very rushed, it had potential, but seems like they rushed it w/ pressure on them for releasing the game. We didnt even get story on how the man carrying Elsa at the end was taken over by Darkness.
  16. Johnny

    My KH4 Theory

    Now that the Xehanort story is over, and Sora is MIA in another dimension, I was thinking about what the producers could be thinking. Disney worlds are great, but lets be honest, they created tons of games with them, how many times can you visit the same world again and again? They are running...
  17. Johnny

    Why did Marluxia and Larxene try to take over the organisation?

    I'm guessing we may see why they tried to overtake Xemnas in KH3.
  18. Johnny

    Best place to get Pre-order from?

    Hey all! I just wanted opinions on which site I should pre order the game from? Anyone have any good or bad experiences using the Square Enix Online store? Honestly I have read about some really cool scenarios where the game gets delivered a day or 2 ahead of the release date sometimes (Which...