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    NA+EU Release Dates & Re:coded Site Open!

    yeah in the front page it says that the informacion was broght to you by silverwarrior and im silverwarrior but I did't have nothing to do with this pice of informacion so no credit to me but i gess is a mistake or something.
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    changing senario mis way

    so it dosen't count for the unlock story?
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    changing senario mis way

    hey I started playing bbs today and im wondering how I can change senerios mid way. example go to first world with terra clear it then change to vetus then start playing as ven. pleas respond thank you
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    How is the Release affecting you?

    well tomorrow I get un about 6:30 for school that start at 8:30 and ends at 11 and during that time my mom going to get the game with the decals so bbs is going to be my icing on the cake for school tomorrow.XD
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    How is the Release affecting you?

    to bad I got to sleep tomorrow(university is a bitch).
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    How is the Release affecting you?

    man I just whant to go to sleep and wake up knowing that I can get it in my hands,to bad I got school that day but is only until 11:30 so not to bad.LOL
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    So anybody think that gamestop will let me buy early?

    actually that not a bad way of asking i mean your being polite plus the worst that can happen is that they say no.
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    Is it worth it?

    so far nobody got nothing bad to say.LOL
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    Is it worth it?

    yeah im spending money in the bundle too hoping if i'll be worth it and not another days.
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    Is it worth it?

    wow when i said hype it you did now i'm pump. see I made this tread to see the opinion of players on the game and kinda let them make their sorta review.LOL (i'm cool that way)
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    Is it worth it?

    This is a question to anyone who played bbs. Is it really worth buying? Is it that awesome? and why? (pleas no spoiler and be free to hype it up or spit on it as much as you like) Tell the people that haven't play it what you hated or love about it.(and again no spoiler on the story).
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    An interesting way to play

    but was't this the way it was sopoust to be?(sorry for the spelling)
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    An interesting way to play

    yeah me too I was hopeing this way I could have a spoil free story.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Rewiev :D :D

    well at least your started something mmm reviews in the forum=WIN not have to be pro just players review
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    Data Install revisited with your pal Shamdeo Abdul Jabbar!

    I saw another data install video and the user was having trouble with the 6MB memory stick (I think it was a sony one too) but told it was good when she use a 4MB size I'm woried if the 4MB memory stick in the bundle going to work.
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    What trailer do you prefer?

    Talking about trailers yesterday I was seeing old japanese trailers and remember something that I think everyone forgot YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - JUMP FESTA 2008 Trailer SUBTITLE the scenes in this trailer where awesome mmm I wonder if the english version going to have scenes...
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    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    so how many hours douse it take on proud if you take your time?
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    for anyone who has JAP bbs

    well i'll figure it out when I have the game and how I play in the tutorial with the characters but forget it i'm just gonna have fun and play how the hell I want first im going TVA but juggle between them just to not get bored the senario thing is a fail kinda win in my book because is cool you...
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    Gamestop Bundle Boxart Revealed

    so the game bonus does't come with the bundle? I don't want to get screw b y gamestop.LOL
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    for anyone who has JAP bbs

    so can anyone who actually played the jap version help september almost here.LOL