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  1. Z

    what face does Roxas have in day 358?

    ...I don't remember seeing Sora's hair on the HP picture. Anyway, if we're talking emotion wise, most likely a face of rage. If not, calm yet angry on the inside. If you mean person wise, I'm pretty sure it's still Roxas.
  2. Z

    Caution- A powerful Heartless is near!

    Invisible is a bitch period. D: Zip Slasher, Invisible, ...and that's about all I can remember. I fight them for extra heart points. :D
  3. Z

    Most Powerful Days Mission Mode Character

    Shouldn't this be in spoilers because Sora is playable? Eh, whatever. I'm going with Saix because he blows down two bars with one critical hit for me.
  4. Z

    So, is Dual Wielding Roxas supposed to suck, or what?

    Don't leave out Saix and Lexaeus. Those two dish out some AWESOME damage.
  5. Z

    The Ending

    Just because Roxas is his nobody and Xion is his leaked memories doesn't mean he was there.
  6. Z

    So, is Dual Wielding Roxas supposed to suck, or what?

    You were? I could've sworn I saw Xemnas in your post.
  7. Z

    will axel roxas and xion ever have ice cream again?!

    Isn't Soul Eater still a keyblade? Or am I confused. As for the Ice cream thing, probably never. Roxas and Xion are in Sora and Axel's pretty much dead since he nuked himself. Unless Roxas bursts out of Sora and rips his memories out with him, and Axel somehow comes back, it isn't happening...
  8. Z

    The Ending

    If you actually get emotional with Days, you can't really look at KH2 the same again. Hell pretty much happened for Roxas and yet, he can't remember a single thing. I find it ironic that Sora was napping the entire time through all of it.
  9. Z

    So, is Dual Wielding Roxas supposed to suck, or what?

    Wait, what? Xemnas has a keyblade? When did THIS happen? Xemnas does horrible damage for me, even WITH the Zero Gear. But I guess it's like stated, to make him less powerful and broken. In story mode, you were owning Neoshadows in ONE-TWO HITS. You see how long his combo is, would you seriously...
  10. Z

    So, is Dual Wielding Roxas supposed to suck, or what?

    DW Roxas is like that because in story mode he was incredibly angry. So his attack power was insane in story mode. In Mission Mode, he's perfectly weak. Use Marluxia or Saix. Those two are usually the best ones.
  11. Z


    They probably refer to him as master because Dusks are the lowest class of lesser nobodies, well what it seems to me anyway. So anyone in the organization should have control of them, plus they most likely referred to him as "Master" because they obey higher nobodies. As for the Samurais, Roxas...
  12. Z

    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    I'm not the only one to notice Riku destroyed his deck there? For Riku, Riku Replica 4, He raped me on Proud Mode so fast I couldn't get a duel or cardbreak in xD For Sora would be Larxene, Her FIRST fight bashed me down, The second fight with Blade Storm pissed me off to us codes on her.
  13. Z

    Days release is weeks away and we're still lacking lots of stuff which means...

    You rather have stuff spoiled? I think all we need to hear is the voice actors and see a tiny bit more gameplay and that's it. Since a bit of the beginning and ending is spoiled if you played KH2/KH2FM+ The Price...Not sure that'll even be needed when people snatch it from stores. When I...
  14. Z

    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    They still could've made Axel a bigger challenge like his Data Form from Final Mix+ >_> Donald's voice I personally already hated. Signing made it worse.
  15. Z

    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    The greatest disappointment for me had to be the Second Axel battle. Personally I perfered Roxas' story over Sora's but it was stupid of how easy it was. You can perform Overtaker and then start comboing and you win in about two minutes tops. Bursting Edge made it even easier.
  16. Z

    New here

    Hello everyone ^-^ I'm new, but of course you knew that XD I've been on plenty forums before so I don't need "Read The Rules" Or etc. I AM from KH-Vids, But don't hate me because of it. If I'm not suppose to talk about it I won't. I'm a bit of a writer but not too good at all. I'm very easy to...