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  1. rikus_darkness

    It's been a while!

    Hey! It's been a long time since I've been active here but I'm looking to get back in the community and get to know some people who love Kingdom Hearts as much as I do! Things have changed since I've been here (back in the old Inferno days), I'm just looking to get acclimated and meet some...
  2. rikus_darkness

    Another Side?

    I've been trying to track down an image for a while, and I'm thinking it doesn't exist anymore, although it's possible I dreamt it up. Here's what I remember: -It was for a fake KH game called 'Another Side/Another Story'. It was rumored to be a new KH game that turned out to be a fake. -The...
  3. rikus_darkness

    Dream Drop Distance Final Mix Speculation

    Mr. Hanekoma a FM exclusive, anyone?
  4. rikus_darkness

    [SPOILERS] All the pieces...

    During one of the endings for the BBS installment states, 'All the pieces lie where they fell'. At first this made sense, but now thinking about it, I realize that Nomura made a 1000 piece puzzle and I can't find all the pieces. I know the obvious ones are the Tormented, but overthinking it has...
  5. rikus_darkness

    [Spoilers] Two theories I had for DDD (easily 1 of my longest posts).

    Hang on, the RoS being Xehanort's memories might not be such a bad theory. Let's think about the Chambers of Repose and Waking for a minute. From events shown in KH2:FM, we know that Xemnas visited the CoR. We know that he sits in there to get memories of his past as Terra and MX back, but HOW...
  6. rikus_darkness

    Three Musketeers World featured in V-Jump!

    When you actually compare a picture of Joshua from TWEWY with this one, it's spot on. I think the lighting makes it seem odd, plus the fact that it looks like he's got the paper-cut out face... Oh dear lord. Paper Cut Out Faces
  7. rikus_darkness

    Main Plot to World Plot

    People always talk about how in KH1 the stories for the worlds relate to that of the main plot, and KH2 didn't really do that at all. Just how exactly did these worlds boost the main plot? In KH1: Destiny Islands: Well, the starting world, you have the whole introduction here. Traverse Town...
  8. rikus_darkness

    The Next Saga(s)

    So, it's been said MANY times that KH3 Is the end of the Xehanort Saga. Afterwards we will get an entirely new saga(s), but what do you expect to come of it? Like, will it follow the path this Saga took, with multiple games and remakes spanning a multitude of consoles, or will it follow a...
  9. rikus_darkness

    Help/Support ► Man-Whore?

    Well, thanks, but... What do I do about what they say about me? They won't leave me alone... And now 'A' is even bringing my RELIGION into it... She's always been a 'pure saintly Christian', but when she insults another persons religion... And even today they bugged me... TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY...
  10. rikus_darkness

    Help/Support ► Man-Whore?

    Let me start off with a story. A while ago, maybe a year this month, a boy met a girl in school, her name was 'X'. They became good friends, talking, IMing and texting almost every hour of every day. Unknown to the boy, X had a crush on him. Day by day, the crush continued. X was always into...
  11. rikus_darkness

    The Reason Behind Days

  12. rikus_darkness

    KH Re:CoM Card Collection Help

    In Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM, I need info on how to obtain certain cards. These are the only cards I'm missing: -Diamond Dust (Attack) -All 'CLEAR BONUS' Attack Cards And any advice for getting Regular enemy cards (Not Organization XIII Enemy Cards, I have all those) Any help is much appreciated!
  13. rikus_darkness

    The Author Is Dead

    Around the age of fourteen, my life changed forever. My life was a boring one. Everything was just all too predictable. You knew who was who, how they behaved, what they said and what they did, before it happened. There were no surprises Until that day. I remember that day very well, as it...
  14. rikus_darkness

    Death to Stealth Sneak!

    How is this boss hard? I beat him on the first try :/ I found Giant Ursula and The Cave of Wonders Guardian much harder on Expert. But that was only because I was messing with the settings. I had all things under Config turned off.
  15. rikus_darkness

    Heroes On the Move

    This is an up-coming game featuring Sony's gretaest all-stars, being Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Dexter. However, those are the only announced franchises. Then how, you might ask, is this related to the future of Kingdom Hearts? Go to Wikipedia, and search this game. Look at the...
  16. rikus_darkness

    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    Maybe that's just it, but I don't really know. It just felt weird walking to me.
  17. rikus_darkness

    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    Like, even though Roxas and Sora are the same size, I think if you took screenshots of both of them in the same location, Roxas would seem smaller or something. It just had that effect on me.
  18. rikus_darkness

    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    It's weird, but I felt that even with Haste equipped, the characters moved slower than Sora did in KH. I mean, even looking at the DI screen shots, it seems a lot more spread out and bigger than I remember...
  19. rikus_darkness

    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    Why do the areas in the game (and 358 Days) seem so much bigger than they were in the PS2 versions? What took me 7 seconds to walk across now takes me 18... What's up with that? If you think the side games are unneccesary now, wait til KH3 comes around (If it does while we are all still alive...
  20. rikus_darkness

    SPARKLE SPARKLE! (Just a question about Xion's death)

    Repliku was made of the memories and darkness in Riku's heart. Xion was made of the memories of Sora's. Because of the darkness, Repliku had darkydeath, while Xion had none. As for the sparkles... I think they're almost always present in every death. And now the crystals... Didn't every...