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  1. LionHeart14

    Help/Support ► Homesick

    Hi everyone. I don't know if anyone remembers me; I used to be pretty active here like 4 years ago lol. I recently rediscovered this site. Anyway, so, I'm a freshman in college. I'm about two hours away from home (I know that's not that far... but still.) and I'm having some serious...
  2. LionHeart14

    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    Milk doesn't make you taller lol. It makes your bones stronger, but it doesn't make you grow. You're only 14, you'll have your growth spurt within the next several years ^.^ Some boys start growing around 13, but some don't start until like 16 or 17. Either way, don't worry about it for now...
  3. LionHeart14

    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    Thanks everyone. I've long since stopped talking to Mary Sue, so... yeah lol. With Joe, I think I'll probably confront him at some point. Mainly because I don't want him to think I'm ignoring him because I think I'm better than him or whatever reason he thinks I'm doing it, but I just want him...
  4. LionHeart14

    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    Hi everyone. This is going to be lengthy, so i'm just gonna apologize now lol So, I'm having some trouble and I just want the unbiased opnion of people I don't know. Okay, there's this boy that lives by me and for the sake of keep identities hidden, we'll call him Joe. Joe's been one of my...
  5. LionHeart14

    Lit ► The Giver

    I'm suprised to not find a thread about this book, so I'll make one ^.^ The Giver is one of my favorite books; I think it's creative, interesting, and has a lot of meaning. Anyone else read it? Do you like it? And you can also discuss the companion books Gathering Blue and Messenger. Both of...
  6. LionHeart14


    Does anyone on here like the band Filter? I only have three songs by them on my iPod (Hey Man Nice SHot, You Walk Away, and Where Do We Go from Here) and all three of them are totaly osm!! I've been trying to find The Amalgamut, but NO ONE has it!! So, any Filter fans out there? Any songs...
  7. LionHeart14

    Help/Support ► Scared

    I'm about to take my permit test too. And I'm also really scared to drive lol. I would suggest just sticking to large, empty parking lots at first. Once you get comfortable with those, try some backroads where hardly anyone drives. And then try going into town/the highway once you feel confident...
  8. LionHeart14

    Help/Support ► I am broken.

    Ouch, I thought twisting my ankle was painful. Breaking it... just, ouch >.< I would suggest just not moving until you see a doctor. Because of the ice, you could fall and cause yourself further injury if you try to get to a hospital, so just take it easy and just kind of chill out I guess...
  9. LionHeart14

    It is sort of sad that Deep Jungle will never return

    I liked the Deep Jungle too. I'll never forget how lost I got and how long it took me to find that stupid branch that you're supposed to climb up to the Tree House with ^.^
  10. LionHeart14

    No Closure? Really???

    I don't really like Axel... So it doesn't really bother me much But does he have a different ending in KH2 FM+?
  11. LionHeart14

    Okay, Bets are on!

    I have no idea what 2chan is, but critics usually hate everything. I'm sure there are some people that will be nitpicky and bash it for the stupidest things, but for some reason I think that the over all reviews for BBS will be pretty positive
  12. LionHeart14

    Things on Roxas's Fingures?

    Well they look like they're part of Roxas's fingers in the gameplay (:lol:) but they're about the size of those little ring-sweatband things, like other people on here have said.
  13. LionHeart14

    fuck it all hope is lost for a non-spoiled gaming experience!

    And that's why I avoid any news on this game lol. I seriously know nothing about it (Except for the character names and a few little tidbits here and there) so the whole game will pretty much be a shock to me.
  14. LionHeart14

    How many times did it take you to beat Demyx?

    It took me like... 2 or 3 times I think. He was sooooo annoying o.O
  15. LionHeart14

    King Mickey

    Woah, I've never seen that trailer before o.O But now that I have I'm sooo excited for this game! Again!!! ^.^ I never would have noticed Mickey laying there XD But I noticed Terra and Aqua fighting eachother in CGI cutscene graffics o.O
  16. LionHeart14

    So... Who's 'not' looking forward to BBS? [Aka. Are you wary of its hype?]

    I'm definately looking forward to it. From what I've seen, it seems like the story's gonna be really interesting. That's pretty much what I'm interested in: Story and character development. Birth By Sleep seems to have both of those. As for the fighting style, I honestly really couldn't care...
  17. LionHeart14

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    The last time you fight Riku Replica. I still haven't beaten him :lol:
  18. LionHeart14

    "Meteor Shower"

    I wouldn't be a bit suprised if they changed it. I bring Twilight Princess up a lot, but they changed a lot of crap really close to the release. Such as the entire look of the Twilight World lol. Besides, I wouldn't call changing the name of an attack a huge thing. Maybe they just decided...
  19. LionHeart14

    Olympus World Cut?

    Oh yeah that's true. I forgot about that happening with Twilight Princess lol. Pretty much every single scene in the first trailer was cut from the game... Nevermind people :lol:
  20. LionHeart14

    Olympus World Cut?

    They've shown a cutscene with Ven and Master Xehanort in the Colliseum already, so I think it's pretty safe to say it'll definately be in BBS YouTube - Kingdom Hearts-Birth By Sleep Trailer *NEW* around :50