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  1. MegaFlare

    It's snowing!

    Who else got snow early this year? ;P I'm excitedddd.
  2. MegaFlare

    Firefox Help.

    I usually store my passwords in FireFox so I dont have to login every day- I'm automatically logged in. It worked great until today, now I can't seem to store any passwords at all. (I'm the only one who uses my comp, so its not a prob). My problem is that FireFox isn't letting me store passwords...
  3. MegaFlare

    Fanfiction ► The Days of Our Pr0n

    I'll reread this sometime during the week, probably Friday.
  4. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► My Father's New Rule

    Cool it guys ~_~ My advice still stands. Get a job, I think that would help tremendously. And as for the abuse, go national, don't go local. Google search places and write letters.
  5. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► My Father's New Rule

    Won't believe me? I'm living proof. xD And yes, I understand what you're saying. Talking does no good for situations like these. The part where he made you take out FFXII even though you weren't playing it is plain retarded, and I understand that as well. Best advice I can give you is to get...
  6. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► Mom Won't Let Go

    Are you 18? If you are 18, which I am assuming you are since you are planning on going to the dorms, then by all means, she cannot stop you from going to the dorm. I don't care what you have to do in order to make it happen, it'd be worth it. Is she overprotective enough that she won't let you...
  7. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► My Father's New Rule

    Kindly tell him to piss off, this is a false statement. Two out of four people in my family wear contacts and glasses sometimes, yet I have perfect eyesight. 24/24 vision. I play videogames all the damn time, spending 2-3 hours trying to beat optional bosses, etc. Print this out and show it to him.
  8. MegaFlare

    Britney And K-fed Divorce!! :3

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061107/ap_on_en_mu/spears_divorce Finally, Britney dumps that loser. Party hard. :)
  9. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    Complete stereotype. Gay men are not pretty boys, you might find one or two that is, but that doesn't stand for all gay men or even the majority of them. I don't believe you've dated five different boys at 13 who were all gay. Either they lied to you so they could date someone else or you're...
  10. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► She'll be as good as new

    You need to find something to distract yourself with that will benefit you, cutting yourself won't benefit you. I'm not quite sure what the reason for the depression is, but if it's something you can't do anything about, distraction is your best option. Video games, a job, don't care, anything...
  11. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► A very sad time

    I can't stand imagining myself doing the same thing when my chihuahua's gone. My chihuahua's old, like 13 years old. I look forward to at least a couple more years with her but I dont know if that'll last. I loooove my chihuhua. I get sad if I even imagine what I'd do if she wasn't around. If...
  12. MegaFlare

    Help/Support ► An... Odd Experience

    Give the guy a break, that IS creepy. <.< Anyway, be safe. Make sure at least one of you carries a cell phone around, but don't use it until you know for sure he's a pedophile/stalker/trying to kidnap one of you. xD Or carry around something that can easily be used as a weapon: a backpack full...
  13. MegaFlare

    KHInsider's Halloween Costume Contest!

    Part of Our Halloween Celebrations! Synopsis: Halloween is just around the corner! Do you have your costume ready? It's time for our first annual halloween costume contest! What to do: -Just upload a picture of yourself in your Halloween Costume, and Private Message it to Ryu! This thread is...
  14. MegaFlare

    Flare's leave.

    Members of KHI- Yes, even Queen Flare needs a time-out from ruling at KHI. She'll be gone for a couple months, more or less. I've already created a resignation topic for the Staff, but I wanted to say goodbye to the members, as well, because I will miss you all too. If you have something...
  15. MegaFlare

    Happy Birthday Monkeybutt!

    Happy Birthday to Monkeybutt! A few of his friends passed .psd's and signed this card, although time differences caused a prob. Post here wishing Monkeybutt a happy birthday ^^ ....
  16. MegaFlare

    Kh2 Sucks

    Quoted, for truth, and because I forgot to close when I replied. Har.
  17. MegaFlare

    Kh2 Sucks

    I don't want to be disrespectful, but you got to admit that I'm right and you're wrong. Closed. You're basically saying your opinion is right, and everyone else is wrong. It's an opinion, shove it.
  18. MegaFlare

    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    Aerith's voice does suck, she sounded like a robot. ;-; I liked Cid's voice, however. I thought it fit him perfectly.
  19. MegaFlare

    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    o.O ... I thought it was nice ;p I love Sanctuary.
  20. MegaFlare

    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    Her voice sucks majorly >_>;; It's like a robot. Gah, ruined my fav FFVII character.