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    The Whole BBS/358/2 Days Theory of Characters

    Well it's been a long time since I came on this damn forum ;P Some of you might remember me from before ;P I correctly theoriorized Ven's full name to be Ventus. I got some interesting theories on the Shion/Xion theorium and the others with the 'WHOTHEHECKISVEN' theory. First of all Xion...
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    A list of possible names for VEN (Ventus is not one of them) All new info! SPECULATIO

    Well I'm back... after not goin on forums for a long time... so i can get on with my life. But I just couldn't help to laugh at you guys argue about weither its Ventus or not... people it's a name, nobody knows yet and it's better to think bout one for yourself and not say Ventus cause thats...
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    KH3 THEORY *NEW* -MY best compiliation theory! LOOK MAYBE THE BEST THEORY!

    DISCLAIMER! : THIS THING IS FRIGGIN LONG! Information on this theory are gathered all over the net plus added with my thoery, so not all the credit goes to me. The dates maybe unclear as most of these speculations have been already been figured out, but as I said- it's my complete compiliation...
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    The D.S. (again)

    Ah, but you missed ONE or TWO basic conceptions,; ONE- All the characters in the trailer are NEW, as for they might have a relation to the current characters, they are BRAND NEW set of characters, AS stated in Nomura's interviews. TWO- There has been a BIG TYPO in the translations for the...
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    The D.S. (again)

    Ok first of all they look nothing alike... as everyone says. And a another thing, the hair may have a resemblence, but that might be cause of how Nomura draws his characters these days. But I do have one point which might back this up. All visual theories goes in average 2 pictures providing...
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    Possible a link?? Secret Movie + Final Mix, I have caught something in my eye while..

    I dunno if anyone has posted this up before but, I have realized that there is a similiar desert viewable in Radiant Garden(Hollow Bastion), in the Balcony that is- Now this is a theory which I resulted in... Possibly - Someone else has already posted seeing a similar desert from the Secret...
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    Full CG FFVII Character Renders

    Here, you go - Cloud and Tifa full 3D desgined Characters of Final Fantasy VII from Kingdom Hearts 2. Please these were VERY hard to get to define and rip, so please give nessesary credits to me ^^ Hope you all like it^^ Will post 2 more characters - Yuffie and Sephiroth.
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    Kingdom Hearts Theory / Secret Ending - New KH series Installment

    This is a theory which I thought up last night. Please read if you have time. Firstly, I know that there are many discussions and questions on the KHII:Final MIX secret trailer, mostly on what tense it was placed in - future or past? Or even present? Although present tense is almost...