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    Gummi ships

    yeah that would make it pretty easy.. the customization is sooo complex now ><... but then i guess its alright cause you can make ships more detailed ^^
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    Gummi ships

    i know only a few people here care, but im interested in seeing how many people are into the gummi ships in kh2.. i think its interesting how you can get S rank and you get extra cameo ships like the highwind from ff7 and the finrir from AC... haha its a bit too hard for me to actually get all...
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    Alcohol???i didnt see no alcohol in KH2!!

    actually a lot was cut from POTC.. well i guess i cant really say "cut" because i didnt play the jap. version. BUT its apparent that some scenes had to be modded for the game for example:
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    yeah i heard he was harder than he was in the 1st game.. but he was easier actually.. but it was much more fun: air raves galore.. beautiful
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    kh2 activity thread

    that or leave them alone, i officially ignore this thread xP
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    kh2 activity thread

    we already have activities.. and this is dumb
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    Drive Forms....>_<

    haha drives are what im looking forward to most. they unlock so many ablities so it'll be that much more fun, not to mention donald and/or goofy leaving the feild is always nice (they got in the way so much in 1)
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    Do you think nomura overdid it with making sora that strong?

    if you dont train the character much (just go strait through the story) it shouldent be very easy..... i havent seen these videos your talking about so i really cant see for myself to compare trying to keep spoilers down for myself
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    Playing: Sonic Rush, Resident Evil 4 and Burnout 3 (it never gets old ) Watching: Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, FLCL and R.O.D (the movie in 3 episodes) besides that i'll be going out all the time cause these things get pretty old now that im so eager now
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    what did you think of "tron?" (no spoilers)

    gah why didnt anyone say anything .. i didnt get to see it, will it be on again soon? anyways it was made in the early 80's and our standards for movies has raised significantly i heard it was great when it came out.. but now, i wouldent know...
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    has anyone seen any KH2 comercials yet?

    yeah dragon quest had comercials and thats a really popular game so we know square is for it, and disney.. we all know there behind comercials so i would deffinately expect it
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    has anyone seen any KH2 comercials yet?

    disney hasnt been doing those things for a while though so i dont think were gonna see one for kh2.. but i think we'll start getting some maybe about 2 weeks or so before the release..? just my guess
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    Technically we can't play KH2 until the 29th

    yeah mine said it'll be there on april 1st -_- (shouldent CA get it 1st actually, i mean its closest to japan, really now c'mon)... either way there supposed to call you as soon as its in the store when you pre-order so i wont be waisting my time waiting on the game each day that goes by after...
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    Riku... Finally. Confirming pictures

    one is in game the other is from Deep Dive (the concept/ teaser trailer at the end of final mix)
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    kh2 world score?

    it seems like it'd be easier without the score anyways.. i remember he said it would give us certain items depending on our grade, which would make it more complicated
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    During Xplay interview I saw Roxas running...

    yeah.. such a beautiful battle, glad you enjoyed it btw dont go to the site itself cause it shows all of the boss battles in the game in a big list (with screenshots). so going to that page is a bit of a spoiler itself
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    During Xplay interview I saw Roxas running...

    http://kh-media.net/modules.php?name=Video&op=view&video_id=126 ok just in case i'll say it again; this is ONLY a battle with NO cutscenes so its not really a spoiler(storywise), but its still a boss battle so theres your warning xP
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    During Xplay interview I saw Roxas running...

    gimmick move look for the boss battle video for it if you wanna see (its just the battle so its not really a "spoiler", we all know were gonna fight him at some point) i'll put up the link soon >>
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    Eyedentify [PS3]

    for those who dont already know: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/adventure/eyedentify/ ok so i KNOW im not the only one (/guy) here interested in this game, anyone have any thoughts of what this might actually be like? im thinking that with a camera (much much more superior to the ps2 camera) and...
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    How many drive forms are there?

    wait do you actually "fuse" with a heartless.. meaning one of the heartless on the feild will actually dissappear? or is it just that sora randomly goes into his anti form himself?