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    axels original name

    His name must be Alex
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    something really cool in TT

    He's right you know. It's probably like the ruins at the end of the world....(KH1)
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    dark crystals????can anyone help

    Air pirate gave me a dark crystal.
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    better picture in movie!

    I already have it! (the jap version)
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    How do you beat OOgie?

    KH1, Kh com or KH2?
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    If you were to make your own KH2 world...

    I would like a PORNO WORLD yaaaaaaaaay!!!
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    This KH2 cutscene?

    Undu da sea Undu da sea! na... jus kidin!
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    Sora vs. King Mickey

    Uhhh..... am I the only one here that thinks this thread is pointless?
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    KH2 Final Mix?

    DUH...... of cors they will
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    ****Custom Keyblades****

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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    I also noticed that...
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    KH2 secret video *SPOILERS*

    Re: KH2 secret video Ah......I'm only on space paranoids. but you can go to Youtube and search for it there
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    Were you guys aware of this?

    wait here is a nother spoiler: the supeir is....... Xe _ rort (whatch the ending and look closly at the very end with the writing) You can't se one of the letters. ...memory of Xe rort
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    KHII sountrack

    Cool! where can I download them?
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    the battle with the load of heartless

    I have the game and the battle is awsome.....
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    THen a rep point you shall get...
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    Why Do You Play As Mickey **SPOILERS**

    OH MY GOD..... sora ate miky!!!!
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    Ending? <no spoilers, just a clean question>

    I havent wached it
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    Theory/Rumor *possible spoilers*

    so.......... we all have a little ansem on us
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    Can Anyone Translate?!?! BHK's Name???!!!

    it's............... mini me