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    Lucia X3

    If you guys want a sig like this let me know here and send me a render okay?
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    Hmm a question on a RPG

    Well I'm looking for a new RPG for the PS2 and two games came to mind Rogue Galaxy and Final Fantasy 12 some people have good and bad points about each games. Right now I'm leaning towards Rogue cause the art style looks lovely and the gameplay looks unique so....KHinsider do I get rogue galaxy?
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    Beyond your thoughts *Gift for salty*

    Hope you like X3 also feel free to critque here. Edit: removed border but forgot to lower the contrast DX sorry.
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    Rockstar FSN//PSD?

    PSD? Sorry guys ,but I'm really getting rusty ,but I think this turned out well longest tag in awhile yes guys I will be more active just have to find some time to make stuff.
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    Is it possible *Roxas Question*

    To get roxas to level 99 or did anyone did it before?
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    New current I made today and also since the holidays are nigh heres the PSD MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
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    Light abuse X3

    Playing around.
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    Getting back into the game

    Made it as a request today.
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    Sorry for not being active

    I had exams coming up so my main focus was on those at the moment I'll be more active now and back to making sigs as soon I get some ideas.
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    Khinsider First Collab Thread <3

    Basically a thread on another forum I go to. All you have to do is post a sig,avatar,lp,ect. and the psd file that goes with it. So anyone can take a try at it like a collab.You might even go crazy enough to have more than 2 person collab as well. Hope this make sense ^^; Anyone wanna take a...
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    Post your oldest Work and your newest.

    Well just wanted to see you guys still have some of your old work and your current. Back in 2007 Current today.
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    Your Hometown.

    This topic is to discuss your hometown you know what you like about it , dislikes and how long you lived their. My hometown was more of a country area nothing much going on it was really quiet and boring ,but it was cool we had a store their that was quite popular so yea I'm not their at the...
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    Fave Burger toppings.

    Well if i had to choose some I would say Bacon , Mushrooms and melted cheedar cheese sauce.
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    A formal introduction

    Hello, I'm lumina you can call me Lum for short I don't mind well I like the KH series cause of the art and story in the game so I joined to get to know other fans. My hobbies is photoshop as I started to make tags due a friend teaching me so thats all besides I love to cook.:laugh:
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    Canvas Dreams//Tag and Icon request shop

    //...........Canvas Dreams//Request shop <3 //............Icons Lumina Phil Neo Soraking101 //.........Tags Lumina Phil Neo SoraKing101 Tags //..........Rules[/SIZE] Will Do Sig Avatars fanbar Will Not do Remaking your sigs Animation Wallpapers 1. Please provide...