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    combineing keyblades....

    i read a long time ago that we will be able to combine keyblades in this game is it true and if it is can you give me some details about it, thanks alot :)
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    Post all pics of new keyblades here...

    I am curious to see what the new keyblades look like.
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    Post all pics of new keyblades here...

    i am curious to see what some of the new key blades look like.
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    Does anyone have a few pics of the nights?

    i realy want to see them but i dont want to spoil it for myself just incase its an ending.
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    g4 coverage of tgs?

    yea it does seem that they like it at g4.They also covered it during E3 so they will probly show it at TGS.They always show everything comeing from Square.
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    g4 coverage of tgs?

    um actualy g4 is showing an hour and a half of TGS coverage on sept. 27.and x-play is showing a follow up episode.so im sure they are gonna show coverage of kingdom hearts 2.
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    deep drive

    ill tell you this....its called deep dive!lol