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    what keyblades are these

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    Ages of players

    i was 15or16 when i first bought kingdomhearts i am now 18 and i still play the game alot,i have done like aything u could think of to do in the game just to pass my time for kh2 and i know theirs players out their that has done the same,its a great game,kh2 is almost here were so close. ><
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    if you could fight ansem

    i would rush him with my keyblade knock him out then put him in a cage surounded by flowers and bunnys><
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    need some locations on some kh2 videos

    come on people give me some info on where i can get soem good clip pleaseeeee!!!
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    my dual keyblade theory

    hmm never thought about it thanks for the info
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    sephiroth challenge

    first time i beat him i was lvl 100 but i wanted to see how if i can go lower i killed him at 64 pretty good battle but i still havent went lower witch i know i can.
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    question about reverse rebirth *spoilers*

    not really he was on his own jurony to find kirie but at some places he knew where sora was and would mess with him.
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    the keyblades

    NT ummmm no the keyblades are light they destroy darkness and lockit up it even says in the game you nub.
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    *NEW* Interview with Nomura!!! Lots of good info!

    well we all have been wating a very long time for kh2 and it is almost here,but does any one knwo the date its released the keep changing it.
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    the keyblades

    the kingdom keys are light they lock the doors to darkness.
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    question about reverse rebirth *spoilers*

    ya as were playing soras advebture riku was mostlikly ahead trying to find kirie also.
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    Is KH2 the end of the KH series?

    true true >.<
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    How to defeat Sephiroth in KH!

    ok dont care what know one say beating sep.at lvl 40 is impossable first of all u will not have enough like to surviv any of his attacks and also your str you wouldnt even scrach him.i have fought with sep.alot and i know lost of ways for him not to hit you but in the battle no matter who u are...
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    **codebreaker And Gameshark Codes For Kh Chain Of Memories

    using codes for kingdomhearts thats sad.
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    Sora and Riku out of character?

    ya sora was acting dumb but it was just cuz Namine was messing with his memories.
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    Least Favorite World?

    ya i also hated Atlanta to hard of a place to bust out your skills.
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    just a thought

    ya im with dark on this one.all u did diz is just put a bunch of crap together but ya kh2 will be here soon so will see.
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    need some locations on some kh2 videos

    if any one knows where i can get music videos,clips for kh2 can ya post the sight for um thanks:)
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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    ya ta first i didnt like disny at all ether but playing kingdom heats made me like it.