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    PSP2 to be revealed tonight

    Hey, guys. Just thought I'd direct you to a nice liveblog of Sony's Japan Conference that is scheduled to take place tonight at 1 am EST. Below is a link and looking forward to hearing what you guys think of this new device. iGG: Sony's Japan Conference LiveBlog
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    The Dumbest Question You'll Ever Read

    Dare I ask , Battlefield: Bad Company or Modern Warfare 2 ? I know its a retarded question , but we have people who think otherwise .
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    Video Game Awards

    Video Game Awards are right around the corner. For those that don't know, next month is the time. What are some awards you think games will be getting. I think we all know some of the most obvious one (Best Shooter-Modern Warfare 2, Best Graphics-Uncharted 2), but what are some others.
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    DJ Hero

    This thread is to discuss anything on the newly released DJ Hero. First, may I say this game is awesome. Does anyone agree?
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    Yo, people. I'mma let you finish your sigs, but I have one of the best sigs of all time!
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    A New Idea

    Well, as it is pretty obvious, most movie games coming out lately have sucked. With exceptions like Wolverine, there haven't been many good ones out. However, games based off of a movie that acts more like a sequel tend to do better than a game based entirely off of a movie. Such examples...