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  1. princess ashe

    Fanfiction ► Just Because {A Birth By Sleep Fanfiction}

    this is a really good fanfic. hoping to hear more
  2. princess ashe

    got a question

    lazy bum.....................................
  3. princess ashe

    Fanfiction ► heartless

    ok, ok, i will keep that in mind
  4. princess ashe

    got a question

    ah thanks guys, great help. another question linked to the guiter guy in the underworld, why was he trying to call roxas out?
  5. princess ashe

    Fanfiction ► heartless

    sorry bout the title couldnt think of anything else. i cant decide whether its an FF or KH fanfic. you decide. well here goes Shadows will reign over all. Darkness shall fall. Those without hearts, those of the name Heartless will take power. Those careless few who crave power, will be...
  6. princess ashe

    got a question

    hey i'm playing KH2 (dont worry havent given up on KH1) and have a few questions so if anyone could answer them i would be very much grateful. 1. when do i get to see Roxas again? he just disappeared on me and now i'm sora.:frown: 2. that guy with the guiter in the underworld called sora roxas...
  7. princess ashe

    ouran high school host club

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... my fave manga and anime. my fave character is Kaoru with Hikaru coming a close second. hoow bout you guys? whats your fave episode? i like the one where hikaru and kaoru fight, sooooo funny. i also like the one where tamaki and kyoya meet for the first time. and dark kyoya.
  8. princess ashe

    the princess has arrived

    hi i'm ashe and i will soon be getting the first KH, ive been searching for it for ages and am so glad i found it in CEX- you take it and i will kill you!!!!:mad: i like FF, and am amazing at bliztball:cool: i like manga roxas is my fave KH character i took a quiz and i am sora, appantly...