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    The Kingdom Hearts 2, we never played.

    it was a press picture, but I think thats still his same game model but it may have been cleaned up more or something but I think they wanted to make twilight town more like traverse town .............I missed traverse town in KHII
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2, we never played.

    oh and this was the "very" different twilight town image the OP was looking for
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2, we never played.

    yea the 1000 heartless battle was way too easy even on proud mode in a challenge playthrough it just took a while
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    Nomura, you are reeeealy streching it this time

    I didn't say I find it confusing "for a game aimed at early teen-age people" its subject matter that you don't always find in video games if you want a game that has some deep shit goin on go into the symbolism in Silent Hill but I digress
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    Nomura, you are reeeealy streching it this time

    well something else to think about for 3 games we've delt with side-stories KH1 and KH2 were alot more lighthearted than 358/2 days and COM I mean COM raised some really big moral and philisophical questions with riku's story and delt with memory in sora's. hard hitting subjects for a video...
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    Nomura, you are reeeealy streching it this time

    though also you'd be basically telling the same story over again you have to add something to a story or it gets boring, thats why the second act in a play normally is alot sadder or soemthing bad happens. its all to make you not be able to wait to see the next part without those underlying...
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    Nomura, you are reeeealy streching it this time

    I agree with this but I really do think the KH1 was the best game (even though COM has my fav story) and the sequals can only be that, sequals so I agree that they may be milking it a bit. but to NOT see more or the story would be a shame in of itself. I just hope that they don't ruin it KH...
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    Xigbars unnecessary censoring

    possibly the greatest idea ever, send it into nomura Heartless on a Plane or Pulp Hearts, I could go on forever with that idea but I digress the cencorship in KH was really bullshit, but its nothing new
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2, we never played.

    yea the first two screens there were released as teaser screens and the old artbooks with the unused stuff was relased in ultimania back in 07 I believe and the xigbar thign was cencorship I was amazed they took out his "rifle" form cause it was too much like a GUN WTF they also took out...
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    Birth By Sleep Soundtrack

    man I hate to hear that it was undewhelming, I'll have to download it to see for myself, but after having 4 games to come out with amazing music and being so excited for BBS's soundtrack. I've heard from other places that it really wasn't that great I mean as much as I love Hikari/simple and...
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    Timeless River

    ok i know not needed as a post, but that is some really nice thinking, I never even ponderd that for a second, really amazing question but yea pete brought em.
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    No one could make a better boss for this game ..

    OMG yes, that would be great, but we can only wish there but I agree with Gaston, but I would love some pocohantas action because that would be a amazing world plus i wanna kick Ratcliffs ass
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    Am I getting enough story out of GBA version?

    I disagree, i'm not sure what it was maybe its just because I knew the story already but I really think that the GBA version was alot better. I can't find anything in the PS2 version that makes me want to play it over COM and well COM was always my fav of all the series (I really dun know why...
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    good challenge playthrough

    well most of the time its only on the bosses, believe me most of em are actually easy except for BELIVE IT OR NOT the twilight thorn..........OMG I finally gave up after I think 4 trys I did get a little farther thinking "well I'll just not and say i did on the thorn" and well, I think I got...
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    good challenge playthrough

    ok I've played that under 8 hour challenge.......it was boring and I've tried the No damage challenge playthrough and.........I dunno how anyone can do it and not tear out their hair so I was wondering if anyone know a good challenge playthrough that i could try thats not particularly as hard...
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    BBS Site Update

    I saw it today, grabbed a wallpaper, and really I'm amazed at how cool they made the site, most work square has put into a site for a game like ever.
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    hey there I'm new my name in real life is Blaine, and anyone may call me that, jsut remember I'm the cinnibar island gym leader. and for those taht wonder my username is actually a reference to Kid A, the album by the GREATEST BAND IN EXISTANCE, Radiohead I've been meaning to get on this site...