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    Ven IS Roxas

    that already happened in kh1.
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    Big Brother

    Any one else watch it? This is my first season watching and its already my favorite show. Discuss if you've been following along with BB11.
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    Anti-Form and ledges

    Srsly? xD i must try my hand at this
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    This. Atlantica. Goofy glomp'd Sora. Sora Donald and Goffy tickle attacked Tron via Ansem's computer Tron huggled Sora and then jumped into a hole. wtf.
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    Sora is a Heartless?

    The Organization doesn't have hearts, yet they act as they do.
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    Revelation of the Unbirth

    Well yeah but at the time he had a heart still, so that doesn't make him an unbirth. GA said that memories can act as a substitute for a heart right? Making a Memory Heart. I'm just trying to make sure that Xion could be an unbirth because of her fragmented memories of sora, and repliku could be...
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    Revelation of the Unbirth

    well thats what i mean, 'cause fragmented memories make up Memory Hearts... right? :23:
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    Axel, Larxene, Saix, Xigbar, Roxas, Xemnas. I havent really gotten to see much for this game, but i know enough to know that i want it REALLLY BADLY.
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    Revelation of the Unbirth

    so im a bit confused from all that information, though i read all of it... So, a nobody can have an "artificial" heart, so long as their connection to their CoM is stong? And i just wanna be clear on this bit: Xion is an Unbirth because she is body + soul + sora's fragmented memories (?)...
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    Michael Jackson Memorial/Life/Music/Death

    Discuss. No flaming about him, either. I must say i got teary at most parts, but the thing that really almost got me was when paris went up. Poor girl.
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    anyone find traverse town really

    ummm... dont you have another thread basically like this?
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    do you think there was any worlds in kh2

    so....what's your point?
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    ummm riku wasent in half of those places?

    This. All except this part, though: Nope. Remember in i beleive one of the first floors, Zexy gave Riku a card? He was the one who was creating the worlds, because if he was going through Sora's memories, all the people would be there, because they're Sora's memories, not Riku's. Riku's had...
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    I'm going to accost you with progress in Re:CoM

    Beat the game. On my way to try to get everything you can get in the card. Like all cards and stuff.
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    Is Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories super easy?

    Did you just blow through the level and not bother with any Heartless or anything?
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    At the end of BBS

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    Help/Support ► Jobs for a 15 year old

    I don't know if you're into this stuff, but concidentally I'm gonna be 15 by summer and I'm going to and umpire class to be an ump for little league games. I think it pays like $15-25 per game. So uhh, just a suggestion :lol:
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    Organization XIII Original Names?

    K uhh.... Xemnas - Ansem Xigbar - Braig Xaldin - Dilan Vexen - Even Lexaeus - Elaeus Zexion - Ienzo Saix - Unknown Axel - Unknown (probably Ale) Demyx - Unknkown (I think its Dyme) Luxord - Unknown (Maybe Durlo) Marluxia - Unkown (Maybe Lumaria) Larxene - Probably Arlene. Roxas -...
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    So I was reading the french instructions...

    wahahaha dingo. I think its because thats a type of wild dog. 'Cause you know, Goofy's a wild dog like that. :36: