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    So who HASN'T played Days yet?

    I haven't. I'm still debating on whether or not I should buy it. I want to play it but I want to play the whole game, which includes multiplayer. I've tried the wifi before and I cant make it work....so still deciding.
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    am i the only one...

    same here...
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    All of them I suppose. At least in the beginning to try out all their moves.
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    Suggestions plzzz.....

    Well you have to get some exp. You have to fight the heartlesses to get map cards and it's really hard to dodge all the exp blobs. But yeah, just try and limit the battles and have a lower amount of hp.
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    I just battled random heartless. If I get it then, yay, if not then, oh well.
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    hardest boss

    I think that Riku IV was the hardest on Sora's side and the fight against Riku Replica or the last battle with Xehanort's hearless on Riku's side.
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    Wow. Amazing....

    Yay you found it:) It's a pretty good game. Some parts are easy but the later bosses are harder. Have fun playing it
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    Where can i buy COM

    i got mine at Best Buys i went to 2 other stores before finding it so its not really easy
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    my favorite battle in sora's story was riku IV and in reverse/rebirth the last battle against riku replica and the last one against ansem/xenhanorts heartless. they were both challenging
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    Riku Replica Trouble in R/R...

    i kept breaking Riku Replica's cards/sleights until i go into dark mode. then attacked twice at a time to stun him and repeated the process.
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    who maxed out their stats in Com?

    wow you leveled up really far. i only maxed out my hp but got too bored to max out my cp
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    I'm taking Max's Challenge

    well good luck with that challenge:thumbup: im thinking about trying too
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    Little help please

    yeah one of the main things is to have a good deck. I get high level cards with some zeros. i also have cures and 2 or 3 potions. Im not really a magic weilder so i didnt put a lot of magic in my deck. I just keep attacking, dodging attacks, and healing myself. not much of a strategy but it works
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    Help/Support ► In memory of Abigail Violet Pasalaqua

    I'm sorry mike.....Though i never lost someone close to me i know it would hurt. I hope you and your family will be alright.
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    hmm...that would be so cool if we could control them but yeah its kinda unlikely that we will
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    COM Battle System

    the card system is......well....different its ok but gets really annoying when the enemies kept breaking my cards and having to reload them.
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    So hard to find...

    i got mine at best buy but it was the last one on the shelf
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    Okay. Why?

    he did? when? _____________
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    Where can I find KH: CoM

    i got mines at best buy i think it was called but that was last year. maybe you can order it online
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    Am I the only one who doesn't/didn't use sleights?

    i rarely use them. they take too long to set up and to use.