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    358 Days trailer (subbed + nonsubbed), YouTube and download

    Re: 358 Days trailer (subbed), YouTube and download Awsome! Thanks.
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    Who's this Org member in Coded?

    When he was a small boy he was in a accident and can only keep his hands in thumbs up postion D:
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    Help/Support ► Yay a new girl problem

    what you mean not all that smart lol ?
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    Days Halloween Town Question

    Maybe because there nobodies they cant change?
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    Does the new Aqua info change the order you'll want to play BBS?

    Im going to choose ven, aqua then terra. :]
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    FF characters in BBS

    Wouldnt they be young?
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    Saved By Mickey anyone?

    after i beat saix and xemnas tonight ill see how many times on proud i got saved by mickey
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    BBS Multiplayer - Versus or Co-op?

    Versus would be fun though.
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    Sephiroth Stratageis

    LOL Pointless, except for the keychain.
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    Does anyone use summons in the game? If so what summon is your favourite and why? Mine would Probably be Genie.
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    Xigbar? ANOYING!!!!

    I beat him last night without useing reflect at all. i just spammed limits and combos.
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    How will 358/2 Days end?

    The final fight should be Riku vs Roxas, After you win the final cutscene is Rikunort vs Roxas, Well thats just my Opinion.
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    Sephiroth D:

    Beat him level 99 easy mode ;) Lol,
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    Chain of Memories Collectable Card Game?

    I never knew about it!, thats probably hardly anything cool gets released or happens in my country.
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    Help/Support ► Why Can't He Just Leave Me The Hell Alone?

    Hmm, get a restraining order, or get someone bigger and stronger than him to scare him off for you.
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    Need some Answers please.

    Ok some stuff im confused about, Namine is Kairi's Nobody why doesnt her name resemble Kairis? Secondly, what with the orange eyes? Xigbar, Terra, Xehanort and others? Thanks to anyone who answers these.
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    atm im replaying on proud, Lets just say Xigbar is the only one ive had to verse more then once to win :\