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  1. MasterZeR0

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    New people, please, with Josh still as a main character. Please don't make the other characters die AGAIN.
  2. MasterZeR0

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    Not sure if I would want Sho or not. Yes, I love him, he's amazing. But he wouldn't exactly fit in, nor would it make sense for him to appear. Plus, now that I think about it, we need a secret boss in another world too, not just Traverse Town. Maybe at the end of Symphony of Sorcery? (where the...
  3. MasterZeR0

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    Only the Balloon line, which is what I'm saying. Not enough.
  4. MasterZeR0

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    Only things I would want added would be Joshua standing on top of the greenhouse in the fifth district, post-game, able to be fought; a keyblade for defeating him; a flashback near the end that shows Lea's training; and maybe a few more commands (MORE WATER SPELLS).
  5. MasterZeR0

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    Oh Shit. Was not expecting to see this so early in the morning/late at night. Hoping for a sequel, or an "RE: The World Ends With You". (Mainly a kupoing sequel.)
  6. MasterZeR0

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Standee On Ebay!!

    Dude, holy shit. That's outrageous.
  7. MasterZeR0

    Question About Xigbar/Braig & Saïx/Isa

    They are Xigbar and Saïx, regardless of whether or not they are nobodies or whole beings: The X represents the fact that they are 'Nortified.
  8. MasterZeR0

    Some Confusion [Spoilers]

    Re: Confusion with Lea in Dream Drop Distance. Spoilers. Lea needs his awesome bandana-dog-scarf back. Also, big sneakers. And he should get his hair cut similar to how it was in BBS. (Maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch, but eh.)
  9. MasterZeR0

    KH3D Official Strategy Guide

    I used the guide to help with the treasures. and that's it. It's boss guides didn't help, it doesn't tell you where to get certain components for spirits, etc. Very poor, especially amongst the books for all the other games. Oh god, I have that guide too. It's just countless pages of "Go here...
  10. MasterZeR0

    YMX and the 13

    Except that each other X only contains a small fragment of MX's whole heart. In other words, he has the "Queen" Heart in the Hive Mind that is Xehanort's posse.
  11. MasterZeR0

    Questions and Theory about the Blue Fairy and other powerful Disney "mages"

    Oh, okay, I see what you mean now. As in, the worlds don't exactly match up on some things (I know it's not exactly PROVEN per se, but another example would be that time runs differently in each world.)
  12. MasterZeR0

    Questions and Theory about the Blue Fairy and other powerful Disney "mages"

    I still think this is somewhat false. Merlin and the good fairies keep their powers outside their worlds, not to mention Maleficent. (I know you said Omnipotence, but other than the Gods of Olympus for their world, who else is omnipotent?)
  13. MasterZeR0

    water elemental spells

    I also thought the Balloon line was. Other than those (which still could just be non-elemental), there weren't any that the two playable characters could use.
  14. MasterZeR0

    Potential Reset

    Oh I know that. I was basically trying to set up a theory for someone else, because I can't think of a way for it to work.
  15. MasterZeR0

    Potential Reset

    By "potential reset", I mean a literal RESET. What I'm thinking is that Yen Sid or whoever sends Sora and Riku and Kairi and whoever else back in time to the DI the day before the storm, somehow leaving all of their memories intact. TIME TRAVEL MAN. They destroy the Xehanort existing there...
  16. MasterZeR0

    Questions and Theory about the Blue Fairy and other powerful Disney "mages"

    Bolded Parts are what I'm calling into question: 1. Why would a keyblade have to kill Xehanort? I know it's going to happen, but what if someone just kupoing shot him in the head with either a bullet (magical or otherwise) or a funky powerful spell? He's old and frail, he'll die. But yeah, he...
  17. MasterZeR0

    Unlocking KH3D's Secret Ending and Secret Message!

    So it turned out that I had to rewatch yhe credits and get the letters a second time, and i unlocked the secret message and the secret movie. Strange, but alright.
  18. MasterZeR0

    WTF Frollo

    Yeah man. Songs? In MY Disney Game? GTFO. But no they could have just done an instrumental-orchestral version of Hellfire. SAD
  19. MasterZeR0

    Confused About Young Xehanorts's Appearance

    I assumed YX was 15/16. 16 is my best guess, just because that's how old Riku is. And that's a good enough reason for me. He DEFINITELY looks younger than Terra, imo.
  20. MasterZeR0

    About 'diving'...

    The op is not asking about diving replacing gummi ships. Just in one part as a mini-game in order to reach a sleeping person's heart. Which personally, I like the sound of.