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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    The problem that I had was the feeling Magic and the Drive Forms. Maybe could have made Demyx a battle where you were forced to use fire to defeat him.
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    >SPOILERS< whats ur favorite scene in Re:Com

    This man completely sums up the awesome scenarios of this game. However, Zexion death places first!
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    Alright, I'm in a quandry here. Because, in the game, every Hero had a keyblade, I was never able to determine whether only keyblades release hearts obtained by heartless, or if the hearts are simply released because the heartless are killed. Can someone help me determine this? On the other...
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    I just got CoM and...

    Damn you breakable PS2's... I'd be happy just playing the RE: COM!
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    Xion- A Nobody from the Other Side?

    You get a cookie, SufferingAngel. Good day. -Places back on Matrix glasses and walks out.-
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    Xion- A Nobody from the Other Side?

    Without proof or without evidence here's my theory: Namine is an unbirth, Xion is Kairi nobody. I'll revise this theory with evidence later.
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    Organization XIV/V?

    Recently, as in 2 months ago, I've been looking for the Organization XV in Mii Editor and haven't found something even resembling one of them. If anyone knows how to design some impressive recreations onto Mii Editor or Avatars, could you possibly leave instructions?
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    This game won IGN's DS 2008 Game Of The Year, I've also heard about of it before. I've wanted this game for a while but I can't because unfortunately DS's cost too much [reason why I pulled out of handheld gaming in the first place.]
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    KHI's Secret Santa

    It's near that time of the year again! Let's celebrate by giving each other gifts! Sign up for KHI's first Secret Santa! See the rules for more details. FAQ: Q. What's a Secret Santa? A. Quoted straight from Wikipedia: Secret Santa is a Western holiday tradition in which members of a group...