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    ~*ChocobosComet + Sephy-kun = <3 FC*~

    ChocobosComet + Sephy = <3 This fanclub is dedicated to the super adorable, innocent, and lovely pairing of our darling forum members Sephy-kun and ChocobosComet. <3 Members~ Strifentine
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    [[-Sephy-kun Fanclub-]]

    Sephy-kun Fanclub! Hi and welcome to Sephy-kun's fanclub! Here we can talk about how adorable Sephy can be, how much we love him, etc etc. <33 Members~ Strifentine ChocobosComet KAIRI_SUX Neo Makumaru Endless Reason
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    ~♥~ChocobosComet Club~♥~

    ChocobosComet She is amazingly adorable, for srs. This is a fanclub dedicated to her, haha <333 Members Sephy-kun Stavros KAIRI_SUX Neo scion of light Saíx's Ducky x) SilverJ Karate SufferingAngel soraking10 SilverJ-17 Endless Reason CerberusInferno Makumaru masterofoblivion Karate Nelo...
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    ~+*.Yuri Club.*+~

    Yuri = GirlxGirl Love Hello and Welcome to the Yuri Club 2.0! If you want to join, just post and I'll add you to the member list! ..::Claim a Yuri Couple::.. In order to get this club going, we're going to claim our favorite yuri couples! It can be from any fandom, i.e. Kingdom Hearts...
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    The David-Squared Fanclub [Idol]

    Whoo~ I know many people will think this club is stupid/corny, but I really like these two. I think they've got real talent, and I have really enjoyed their music <3 So yus. Join if you like one or both of these two~ Members~ Strifentine Brainy_pigeon
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    ¨´◦.¸¸.¤´¨¢ℓσυ∂♥тιƒα ¢ℓυв´¨¤.¸¸.◦´¨

    ¢ℓσυ∂♥тιƒα ¢ℓυв Cloud x Tifa = <3 Club DESCRIPTION! First one stolen from here Welcome to the CloudxTifa Club, a club for Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart lovers to get together and ramble on about our favorite couple. Their love is pure thrusting-game. So, if you want to experience the...
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    School Days

    There isn't a topic on this anime, so I'm making one~ How do you guys feel about this anime? Particulary the ending XD I knew the ending before I even watched the anime, but still, it really pulls you into a false sense of security and calm. I halfway liked the ending though, 'cuz I really...
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    i have a question

    We fangirls have overactive imaginations, that's all :3 And we have the right to interpret the game the way we want, but I don't think we should force the opinions on others. ^^;
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    I liked Oblivion the best~ I liked the battle stats on it and it's design was my favorite <3
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    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Ohh~ Good chapter, and very interesting cliffhanger, I definitely didn't expect that. :O
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    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Ooh, that was a good chapter James-chan~ I liked the skeleton guy, I wanna know what's up with him. :O
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    "You've seen me before?" - Traverse Town

    I thought they explained it in the game somewhere, 'cuz I was wondering about that too when I was playing :X I guess they didn't explain it though You guys are probably right though, Square got lazy on the character designs :\
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    Did you notice...

    Oh gawd. I remember that..... *o* So yeah. Knew about Roxas = Sora + x but... Yen Sid? Didn't even think about it. 'Tis cool though XD
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    The "I beat KH2" thread

    1. have you got 100% on the jiminy journal? No 2.have you leveled op to 7 all the drive forms? No 3.have you beatened all the cups pain and panic cups to paradox? No 4.Have you unlocked the secret model? No 5.have you beaten sephiroth without having a second try? No Hee. I didn't care about any...
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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    1.Did you get the ultima weapon,save the king and save the queen?(all) Yes 2.What's your max level? 93 3.Did you retrieve all the 99 dalmatians? Yes 4.Did you finish Phil cup to platinum/gold cup? Yes 5.Did you beat kurt zisa and phantom without no 2nd try? No 6. did you finish the game without...
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    Is This Character Male or Female?

    >:D So, here's how this will work. The first person will post a picture of a character, and the second person will guess if it's a guy or a girl! I'll start~ Sooo..... guy or girl?
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    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Oh. Very intriguing plotline Ansem ^.^ I'm very curious about what happened to this world and who that girl is. Update soon~
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    ~+*{-Cloud x Aerith is Love-}*+~

    Hello and Welcome to the Cloud x Aerith Fan Club! Here you can show your support for this beautiful couple~! Please feel free to talk about anything Clerith-related! :D Post fanart, talk about your favorite moments, why you like Clerith, whatever! =3 Members Strifentine Squ@ll Sephy-kun...
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    Full Moon o Sagashite

    Has anyone read this manga? <333 I love this one, the art in it is sooooo pretty! ^____^ What are your thoughts? :3
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    ♥The Seme/Uke FC♥

    Hello and Welcome to the Seme/Uke Club! :D Here we'll be able to pair KHI members with each other according to the Seme/Uke test ♥ To join, just take the S/U test and post your results her~!~! Once we get enough members we'll start pairing people up! ^__~ >>The Seme/Uke Test<< Don't F***...