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  1. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    It came and went in the form of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon lol
  2. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    This is a great example of "damned if you do, damned if you don't." While you were reviled by this form, I was incredibly excited about it lol. The fact that they gave Weezing this change (dare I say... upgrade?) made me excited for this game. The design is dope, love the typing, and I'm pumped...
  3. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    You're telling me that Beedril, Pidgeot, Pinsir, Gardevoir, etc. etc. weren't completely overtooled as Megas? They acted as entirely different Pokemon. I'm not an apologist for Mega Lucario or Mega Garchomp or any of that nonsense- but when used on weaker mons, Megas were an effective way to...
  4. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    I'm not going to try to sway you either way on anything, nor argue whether Castform being in Pokemon matters. People will be in a frenzy until they acknowledge the backlash in a meaningful way. They will also stay in a frenzy until they explain their plans to either eventually patch or utilize...
  5. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Last I checked, if a company produces something or makes a decision that is unanimously despised by fans, it's not on the fans to keep silent. If I'm a consumer of soda and hate the new Coca-Cola formula (ex: New Coke) it's within my rights (free speech) to say that I don't like it and ask for...
  6. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Listen- (I'm going to make a couple of assumptions about you based on your response- I apologize for that). For someone like you that doesn't play in the competitive community, this isn't "that big of a deal." ....In theory. But the more you dissect the situation, the worse it is- and here's...
  7. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    They sell more games than Mario year over year, and you're telling me they can't tap on some of Nintendo's resources to get that type of stuff sorted through? You've got GameFreak, the Pokemon Company, and Nintendo with skin in the game, and this multi-million dollar monolith can't figure out...
  8. Norpthalomus

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    This is legitimately the worst decision they've made for Pokemon since the jump from GS to RSE and not being able to transfer Pokemon. They're creating a dedicated, PAID service for Pokemon transferring and storage (Home) and you CANNOT transfer a significant portion of what you currently have...
  9. Norpthalomus

    WHAT IF Sora Loses His Heart Again?

    With Roxas and Namine as "special" Nobodies, I think in theory Sora would just look/act like himself if he created another Nobody. But then again, it's Kingdom Hearts, and literally none of it makes a lick of sense.
  10. Norpthalomus

    I am the artist formerly known as Roknar

    I am the artist formerly known as Roknar
  11. Norpthalomus

    Why do people keep saying KH2 is better than KH3?

    No shade, but Kingdom Hearts III doesn't have a ton going for it (especially in the post-game). I'll bite my tongue if they give it a Final Mix treatment (either in actuality or just through updates), but it leaves a lot to be desired. I've already ranted on other threads, but KHIII is a joke...
  12. Norpthalomus

    New Forum Software

    I'm having the same issue on my end. Not a huge deal, but hoping it can be fixed soon.
  13. Norpthalomus

    Username Request Thread 2.0: Please read the OP!

    Ahh gotcha, thank you for the heads up!
  14. Norpthalomus

    The Biggest Disappointments

    In your opinion, what were the biggest disappointments in this game? (Please use spoilers for the people who haven't finished). For me, it was: Overall I liked the game, but I had so many things that kept it from being great. In terms of the numbered titles, this is my least favorite (and...
  15. Norpthalomus

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? Disney acquired Pixar and all its properties some years ago, and Buzz/Woody were planned as summons for KHII but scrapped so I can't see Toy Story as being a problem. I can't see there being a problem with two animal worlds...
  16. Norpthalomus

    Multiple playable characters?

    (If this has been posed already I apologize; I haven't been on the forums in a few months and wasn't sure) Do you think Kingdom Hearts III will have multiple playable character stories, like BBS and DDD? Or do you think that it'll be like the other "numbered" titles and have Sora as the...
  17. Norpthalomus

    The Return of Trinities and Dalmatians

    This has probably been discussed before, but I haven't seen it so I figured I would bring it up. How would you feel about the return of Trinities, much like we had in the original game? Personally, I missed Trinities in KHII a lot, and I wish they would have been included again. I also missed...
  18. Norpthalomus

    Has Stitch been to Destiny Islands?

    I think he's been to Hawaii, much like the movie. I think we just haven't seen his world yet (if we will) other than the space one from BBS. I doubt it was DI, although that is an interesting theory.
  19. Norpthalomus

    Which are you more excited for?

    KHII:FM for me! I enjoyed that game significantly more than BBS (although I'm looking forward to playing them both again!).