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    KH Coded on ipod touch?

    really? can you give me a link
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    KH Coded on ipod touch?

    Would this ever happen? Is it even possible ( i have no idea how good Japanese phones are). Anyone have any thoughts on this? And sorry if there was a forum already on this.
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    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    I hope aqua doesn't die haha and the armor not meaning much, and she is somehow involved in KH3, tht would be cool.
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    Square's and Sony's "Special Announcment"

    Well I'm not sure about Square's announcment, if it's real or if it's just a really bad April Fools joke. Anyway I noticed how Sony is supposed to make an big announcment tommorow. If Square Enix's news is real, and I'm pretty sure Sony's is, do you think they could be connected? Heres what...
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    Tomb Raider cameo in KH3

    Well Square is most likely going to takeover Eidos, the creator of Tomb Raider, so what if their was a Tomb Raider world or Lara Croft in one of the worlds in KH3? A lot of people may think this is really dumb and I understand that, it's your opinion, you may think it'll ruin the series...
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    The meaning of Xion

    Well it sounds like ion if you take out the x and an ion is an atom/ molecule and I don't know if that will mean something. It could but idk.
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Days Release Date Audo's right. And I doubt that they would come out on the same day. It just doesn't seems right.
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    Can Someone Explain This

    Okay well I'm gonna be like "wow I'm retarded" when someone tells me the answer, but can someone please explain to me what "canon/ non-canon" is. I haven't played KH2 in a while (I think it's in KH2) and I don't have a clue what it is. When someone answers this, please one of the mods close...
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    No Heartless in BBS?

    I know there are no Heartless or Nobodies in BBS. But someone (sorry I haven't play KH1/ KH2 in a while so I don't know the person) said that "as long as there is darkness in someones heart, there will be Heartless". I'm sure there is darkness in at least one person's heart in BBS (Maleficent...
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    Cinderella, Ven, and Sora

    Yah I was pretty sure they met up, and sorry bout the double posting, I'm still kinda of getting used to this website since I'm not on that much.
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    Cinderella, Ven, and Sora

    Well yah, I didn't really mean to say they lived on the same island, but they were on the same island at some point, as shown in the screen shots.
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    Cinderella, Ven, and Sora

    Their face looks pretty similar and they both have spiky hair. Also we don't know who Ven is and for all we know, he could have the exact same personallity as Sora, which is most likely not going to happen, but they could at least have a similar personality. thank you
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    Cinderella, Ven, and Sora

    Now that I think about it, I guess you guys are right, she wouldn't really think of it. Also, New2Ya, Sora is connected to Ven I mean they did live on the same island so they probably had some kind of interaction and without Sora, Ven wouldn't be connected to Roxas at all, so there is some...
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    Cinderella, Ven, and Sora

    I was thinking because we know Cinderella met at least Ven, because we saw a picture of it. So why in Hollow Bastion did Cinderella not say something about Ven to Sora, unless she lost her memory some how. Edit: Please tell me if there is a thread that is like this and/ or if there is...
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    New Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    I know KH3 hasn't even been announced but I'm 99.99% sure it will be. So what new worlds do you guys think should be in KH3? Here's my list.... (sorry if I butcher the words completely) Sword in the Stone Toy Story Incredibles Hunchback of Notre Dame a non-disney/ pixar world (like a new...
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    didn't Ven ask Aqua to erase hiim, not Terra?
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    How much of the Touch Screen will 358/2 use

    I'm pretty sure Nomura said no touchscreen for the battle because he doesn't want to mess up "the feel" of the KH games, or something like that. As Audo said, it will only be used for the menus, panel system, and the maps.
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    keyblade mania... kinda

    Aqua's keyblade was in the room of sleep while Sora had the kingdom key.
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    the cards weren't as bad with Riku because you just had to press x unless you wanted to do a sleight or break someone it was like playing the first one or second but, different somehow
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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    Aqua does not die because an Org member (xaibarg or something i think) was listening to xmnes and aqua's armor's conversation and there was a voice talking back. Heres what I think happens. Aqua- got locked in her armor or keyblade (mabye Ven will try to save her) Terra- got fused with MX Ven-...