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    Favorite weapons

    goofys shield!!! id do it in the poll but its closed for sum strange reason!!0.o?! whateveri say goofys shield!!!!
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    The Ultimate Kingdom Hearts 2 Thoery

    thats clever!! well i already knew most of that but i didnt wanna post it coz other wise people would have moaned at me they usually do!!!
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    ive got a big question for the rpg mods!!

    rpg inferno 3.0 is out NOW so why r u not putting it up?? zero tolerance is giving it away for nothing!! but u lose alot if ur getting it for free but u get alot if u pay!! so my point is r u getting 3.0? ? i know u said u were waiting for it and u said it would be 5 months but its been out...
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom hearts:light and darkness the final battle!!

    chapter 1!!! town of darkness It was a dark rainy afternoon as people ran to get indoors from the rain. whilst that was happening a young boy in a cloak was walking down the streets and through the rain as if he was searching for someone or something,when there was a scream coming from 1 of...
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    rp rpg inferno!!

    u like to battle? so do i!! want to make posts out of battles? so do i!! then why not join this rp? coz u battle aswell as earn posts so ur earning money for the real rpg inferno!! this whole thing is basically every1 starts out as level 1 and to begin u need to earn 100exp but when u lvl...
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    kingdom hearts:light and darkness the final battle!!

    create a character coz donald goofy and sora have been captured by the heartless and the final battle has been called between good and evil!!! choose ur side good or evil!! or maybe a twightlight(neutral)that choose's a side and fights for them!! i have but 1 rule only neutrals can be dual...
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    blue brave form? ?

    i have seen a picture of sora wielding the oblivion in a blue form of the red brave form i am not sure what it is though............ if any1 has any idea plz tell me!!oh and ill try and post the link for the pic coz i want to show u all!!!!
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    cruxis knight clan more people wanted!!

    ill pay u 100,000 gil a week!!! plus ill sell u items at low prices just coz ur in my clan so if u wanna join my clan post in here and ill invite u!!!:D!!!
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    Selling Loads Of Stuff Right Here!!

    Metal Chocobo Dark Reaper Soul Eater-gone but gimme the money and ill buy u 1!! Laxaeus's Weapon-being bought by kingdom2917 Card Of Beginings-being bought by kingdom2917 Card Of Prosperity- being bought by DaDides soul eater blade<----brand new blade....the darkness type blade after the...
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    oblivion and oathkeeper wanted!!

    ill pay the 500,000gil the exact amount that u payed for it!!! it doesnt matterwhat class its for as long as its a oblivion and oathkeeper!!plz!!! i really want it!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom fantasy:chaprter1 the unknown wielder!

    kewl thanx KeybladeKid1127!!! im working on the second 1 right now you'll like it!! its ansems return!!!
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom fantasy:chaprter1 the unknown wielder!

    ((this is what it would be like if i made up what happened in the next kh i wouldnt release the 2nd 1 i would release kingdom fantasy and today my friends u will see why)) kingdom fantasy:the unknown wielder! sora: cloud!!look out behind u!its sephiroth!! cloud spins round and dodges...
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    post count to 1 million posts!!!

    ((basically we all count to a million!!!)) ((i'll begin...............)) 1 ((next person says 2 and then the next person says 3 an so on!!))
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    Normal vs. Expert

    expert i found it easy!!! i found normal quite hard!
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    We Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    although we all did this earlier its still nice to see newbies beating the game!!!! ive complted from begining to end 13 times im getting bored with kh!!!I WANT KH2!!!!
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    Need to know!

    sora mode he's really hard!!
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    Need to know!

    nevr mind that how the hell do u beat hades????
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    i want more kh2 info from e3!!!!!! plus i want a new trailer!!!!!!!! i wanna see what new games are gonna be like for the ds and psp coz i have both!!
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    love them!!!!

    what anime or anime's do u all like??? i like naruto.......yugioh.........a little bit of pokemon..........dbz........dbgt..........ravemaster.............yu yu hakusho..........gear fighter dendoh........outlaw star....bleech............gundam wing.......inuyasha........ghost in the...
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    my chemical romance!!!

    im not okay rules its 1 of my fav songs!!!! helena is good but it aint 1 of my fav songs what do u think about both of these songs??? i think there really good !!! and does any 1 know any other my chemical romance songs that i can download?????