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    KH2 already finished....

    maybe its done and there doin all the voices for all the languages first so they can have a world wide release.
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    new magazine scans

    ive never seen them tho there probly old .
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    Ursula Boss Battle

    LMAO ya . But on a serious note , wtf dancing im not happy with this at all , in fact this sucks goose anus.
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    Kh2 Release Date For Europe And Austaralia!!!

    well i believe this when s-e sais it therself.
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    What are we waiting for......?

    Re: Your veiws.... im thinkin were waiting for a great game. and if it happens to suck goose anus then i will be pissed.
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    Read This Fo Shizznite!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dont wanna wait so long, but i want the extra features. but im willing towait th extra couple months for the extras
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    Grading system

    i dont like that being graded on time to .thast not kool that will just piss me off
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    valor or wizdom

    im going to have to go with valor cuz its so much cooler lol. nah because he would slap him around b4 he could do any magic.
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    Sora is Hotter

    alot of video game characters now a days look very realistic so its understandable to think one is hot or something because they're modeled after humans .
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    KH2 Demo

    i think they should give us a demo . and it should b a demo where we get to be bhk
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    What made you buy the game?

    i first played it at my friends house after he told me it was a amazing game. and he was right . the next week i went out and bought it .that was about 2003
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    An Online Colosseum

    well i'd say u could have your stats that you gained throughout the game but then while playing online u can pik characters or different colored soras or sumthing.while keeping ur stats
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    bhk playable

    weve known we could play as him for some time now. We just didnt have any footage of him actually being played as
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    Fanfiction ► kh tv intro song

    lol i love that song . i think i would watch the show if it had that song.
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    Hp? Mp?

    well final fantasy x kicked a$$ and its a newer one
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    no and not sure . but asking this will surely get you flamed by lots of ppl
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    The characters that you are going to hate!

    ya sinharvest knows wuts goin down
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    The characters that you are going to hate!

    ya really guys how is he annoying . is it all the a$$ kiking he does or maybe the way he looks kool or maybe the fact that he has done nothing to piss anyone off . you guys just dont like him because alot of new people like him and everyone else likes him. and u guys just want to seem different...
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    The characters that you are going to hate!

    im just going to hate pete. But i dont see why you guys r bit^hin about the bhk being some peoples favorite character i can tell you now that the bhk is one of my favorite characters . and you want reason, well the only reason i have is that i just likethe way he rolls . using two keyblades and...
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    he doesnt look like tidus . plus theres no reason for it to be tidus .