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    roxas elements?

    Roxas's element is light Main Characters - Kingdom Hearts Insider<--look at organization XIII
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    Terra's Keyblade

    It could be possible since Terra doesn't have a keychain on his.
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    Worlds in Coded?

    I think the scan said Disney worlds that you visit in Coded.
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    BBS secret ending?

    Most likely all the games will have a secret ending about kh3.
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    358/2 Days Release Date (RUMOR) by French Magazine

    If it does come out in the summer then it will come to america around the end of the year or the beginning of next:thumbsup:
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    Kairis Keyblade

    No i dont think there is an official name for it.
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    Kairis Keyblade

    I think people just call it "Kairi's keyblade". Weapons - Kingdom Hearts Insider
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    No XIV

    Namine can only mess with Sora's memories.
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    New 358/2 Days -HQ-SCANS!!

    Nice find! :thumbsup: .
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    Organization Priority List

    I think the dancers are another nobody left.
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    It already came out for the ps2 in japan but i dont think it will be availible anywhere else in the world
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    Organization Priority List

    yannis is right Roxas' element is light not twilight. Main Characters - Kingdom Hearts Insider
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    why do u think Saix is too loyal to Xemnas?!?!?!?!

    He's loyal cuz he is 2nd in command, wants a heart, and cannot defeat xemnas.
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    How Many Can You Take!

    i would fight 30000000 assasins and 100000 neoshadows and 5 behemoths
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    beasts castle(1st visit)

    i was about level 13 and i had lots of potions
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    Sora's Memories

    are u talking bout at hollow bastion?
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    birth by sleep

    ven and terra are my favorites they have sweet keyblades:thumbup:
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    Sora's Memories

    maybe he thought riku and mickey killed them
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    What Character do you think will be in 358/2?

    i think 358/2days will have all 13 members maybe 14 ....i dont know bout wonderlands or agrabah..are u talking about in story mode or in multiplayer?
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    what happened??

    sorry if this has been discussed before but wen i was watching a birth by sleep trailer before xehanort apear terra aqua and ven have two keyblades but wen they start to fight they only have one. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Trailer (PSP) did the keyblades disapear or the game...