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    Terra Strategy

    I'm trying to defeat Terra and I'm at lv99, def. 82, atk. 72, and I have ultima weapon. I can get him down to a little past half and then he uses this insane attack where all these clear weapons come out and circles like the Sora/Riku Limit. Is there a strategy for beating him? I looked on IGN...
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    Luxurd Data

    I'm having some trouble battling the Luxurd Data in KH2 FM+. I mean everytime I try my time just goes down too fast. I am at lv99, ultima weapon, defense 82, attack 72. I beat Larxene, Axel, Zexion, Marluxia, Xigbar, Saix datas. His "games" really agrivate me. Any advice on how to defeat Luxurd...
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    Theory on Awakening

    In Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, we see Xemnas go downstairs from the secret staircase in the Radiant Gardens to go to the Room of Sleep. He goes in there and talks to the armor of the Knight we all know as Aqua. Xigbar mentioned that Xemnas was in the Room of Sleep and he was looking for the Room...
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    Explosion does not work right

    Ok, so I have explosion equipped to Sora as one of his abilities. After I do a chain attack it sometimes, often not, goes into explosion. What abilities will prevent Sora from using explosion everytime? I would read them if I could be it's Japanese so any help will be truly appreciated.
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    KH2 Full of Plot Holes

    Ok, so this thread is to discuss the plot holes of Kingdom Hearts 2 and if you want to include, FM you can. A plot hole is an event that has no explanation and leaves the person wondering why did that happen. Here's a couple of my observed plot holes: 1) When Mickey is in Hollow Bastion with...
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    Item Synthesis

    I need to get one more Orichalium+ but I have to have all synthesis material. There is one set that is new to KH2 FM+ but I don't know what it is. It is a golden mushroom set, where do I find these?
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    Cavern of Remembrance

    How do you get to the Cavern of Remembrance? Do I have to defeat all Organization XIII members to get it? Some elaboration would be appreciated.
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    Ansem the Wise

    In Kingdom Hearts 2, it shows Ansem holding some sort of machine when he is trying to destroy Kingdom Hearts. Then the machine goes all haywire on him and blows up and takes Ansem with it. That is what Nomura wants us to think. Ansem was a major part of the storyline, so major, if it was not for...
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    Birth by Sleep

    I played Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ in critical mode and I thought all I had to do to get Birth by Sleep was to seal all the worlds. And thats what I did, every one. I got the gathering video though. Is there something I am missing here? What else do I have to do to get the video? And, is...
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    Goddess of Fate Cup?

    In KH2 Final Mix+ what do I have to do to unlock the Goddess of Fate Cup in the Underworld? In my English Kh2 book it just says speak to Panic. Yeah, that's clear. Does anyone know what I need to do?
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    New Keyblades

    I tried looking on the original KH2 Insider sight but I could not find the answer. In Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ what are the new keyblades and their abilities? Does anyone have a page for this. I finally beat Roxas and obtained this keyblade I never saw before. The keyblade looks like...
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    Low HP

    I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ and it seems that my HP is unusually low. I don't know how to read or understand any japanese so I'm lost there. Is there any ability that I could have equipped that lowers HP? What is the best way to bring up HP besides leveling up? Your thought(s)?
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    King met Xehanort before

    I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + and I am at the scene where the King tells Sora, Donald, and Goofy about the real Ansem. He tells that the picture on the wall is actually Xehanort and then he says "I know I've met him before but I can't remember when." Remember...from the secret movie...
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    Ability Guide

    Ok, so I finally got Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and I went to go equip some abilities to Roxas, on the 3rd day and there were like 7 abilities giving the ability range 27/50. I don't know what they are because I cannot read Japanese. So does anyone know what they are or is there a good guide...
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    Challenge again?

    I am getting Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ this week and I have questions. After I defeat members like Vexen, Axel, Larrxene, ect. can I challenge them again? And if I defeat Terra once, can I challenge him again?
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    Ultima Keyblade

    Ok, so I have got the Ultima recipe and gave it to the moogle. I have all 7 Orichalium+ and the rest of the synthesizing materials. I read that you can cut down the number of Orichalium+ by the moogle but I do not know how. My Moogle level is lv7. Can someone please help me?
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    Axel Returning

    I read in a post by Xaldin What exactly does that mean? I mean all the organization members were techniquelly dead and how could Axel be not dead? I have a theory on this. None of the organization members died in the world Betwixt Between. There could be a connection to were when a Nobody...
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    Riku... left out?

    There might be a connection for Riku to the DS because of his same outfit. Just like Ven and Aqua have a connection to Sora and Kairi.
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    why can't get...

    HURRAY!!! I finally got FINAL FORM!!! I am so happy!! Thank you everyone for your help. When I finally did it I was like why is the Wisdom Form taking so long to transform but then...BOOM Final Form was there!! :) SO happy!!!
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    why can't get...

    Can anyone seriously verify if this works because I have tried 32 times driving into valor and wisdom forms but with no luck?! Does it matter if Auron is in my party? Also why haven't I transformed into Anti-form after 32 consecutive tries?