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    that happened to me when I finished kh. I guess it's normal
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    So Sora isn't in the sequel of KH2?

    I know I know but you're missing my point the games out there's gonna be spoilers everywhere so what do you expect.
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    So Sora isn't in the sequel of KH2?

    umm look khII has been out forat least 2 weeks now preety much everyone beat it and it's kinda obvious by the tilte it's a spoiler cause it talks about kh3. Sora probably won't be outta the game he's like the face of it but yeah like they said dun worry 'bout it.
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    my friend and i

    ummm ok missed the point but yeah good for you.
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    did the wait lessen the excitement?

    hell the wait made me not even care. I'm so used to waiting I dun care if I dun get it for another year.
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    are you excited about kh2

    How is this possible there isn't even a thread part?_?
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    are you excited about kh2

    I'm excited but not enough for six threads...damn
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    Yelling at your calendar!

    I dun yell at my calendar it never hurt me.....no not really I've got other things to do in life
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    umm dosen't everybody already know/known this for a long long long time??
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    might be a good theory if the link to the thread worked
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    your hype for kh2

    everyone in this thread scares me. I wanna see it delayed one more time just to see the crime rate go up. ehh I've waited so long I dun care anymore it's just a game.
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    Which REAL date?

    ?_? I dun see a poll and haven't they already found out the release date
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    Have you been Spoiled?

    I haven't. I look but I'm always to lazy t read then a minute later I forget so I dun know anything.
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    How much $ would you be willing to pay?

    ehh If it was like 70$ I'd just wait. there's no sense in spending my money when the price will come back down
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    Who is this evil sora guy

    Hah I knew it was to stupid to be true but anyway this is spam now.
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    Who is this evil sora guy

    AHahaha This is so stupid it's funny. yes it's roxas
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    Fanfiction ► Ok I did this on paint

    not bad for paint I can't do anything on there but shouldn't this be in fan art not fan fiction heh that's ok a mod can fix it
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    Where does the money go!?

    probably square will have to give Disney somethin' for legal reasons
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    sorry real old.
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    why did it take so long.........

    first of all It's alot longer they probably stopped about half a year to wait to make it it's just the way these things go ya know you just gotta be patient