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    FFX in the Kingdom Hearts Mythos

    Throughout the entirety of Kingdom Hearts so far, there has been only one Final Fantasy series that has received any sort of continuity, and that's VII. The characters live together, Zack appeared in the prequel--it's presumed he lived and died as he did in Crisis Core--and the entire...
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    How Much Did They Know?

    Bear with me. I have a tendency to ramble, but I just want to explain myself completely. The question is twofold. The first, the already-identified members of the True Organization, and the second, the writers themselves of the Kingdom Hearts storyline. The twists and turns of the series have...
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    Birth of Nobodies Theory

    I realize that I did just post a thread, but as I was writing it, it occurred to me to begin this one. I intend to use it as a compliment to what I just wrote. So, as stated, Xemnas has dominion over nothingness. I believe the threat of "getting turned into a Dusk" comes completely from his...
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    Memory Wipes

    As much as love the series, there has been one plot hole, one single plot hole, that I just cannot seem to skirt, surmount or ignore. So, right now, I will try to pave over it outright. We know that people go through four states of existence: human, Heartless, Nobody and rebirth (a human once...
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    What if Ansem wasn't a Heartless?

    Hmm. That is definitely an interesting theory, and it's completely plausible. But, I will have to disagree--civilly--with you. Master Xehanort took Terra's body because his heart was strong, not necessarily his body. Also, we know that Xehanort (Terranort's) body went to forming Xemnas, and...
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    Vs. The Dark Hide

    So perhaps this is not aptly named as I would like, because instead of actual battle strategies or discussion on the battle itself, I want to talk about the Dark Hide's place in official canon. Now that we have an actual name to address it by, it feels like that much more integral of a monster...
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    Shimomura and her Infinite Prowess (Music)

    Since we're all gearing up for Kingdom Hearts III, which I still maintain will be the game of the century, or at least close to it, just because of the sheer amount of lore, character development, birth and rebirth that has all culminated in this one last battle, I thought it would make sense to...
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    The Return of Terra

    This is the first thread I have ever posted. Pretty much all I have been playing lately is the Kingdom Hearts collection (1.5 and 2.5, been LOVING IT, especially the fully reorchestrated soundtrack, Shimamura is a genius) but that soundtrack is for a thousand other threads. Playing all of these...