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    Secret Episode?

    Aha! Turns out one of the albums wasn't 140p. Thanks for the suggestion, Void!
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    Secret Episode?

    Hey all, According to every source I've checked, to unlock the Secret Episode in BbS on Proud you need to finish the Sticker Album for all 3 characters and finish the Final Episode, and I've done all that. So how exactly do I get to the Final Episode? Do I start a new game or something?
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    Which Disney boss is your favorite battle?

    For me, the Giant Ursula Fight was always the most memorable, because it was SO FREAKING HARD! Im getting chills just thinking about the first time I beat her. But yeah, none of the Disney Bosses did it for me in CoM. Hades was challenging if you fought him early on, but not extremely so.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Didn't see any thread about it, so I just thought I'd let everyone know today is the 12th anniversary of the release of Kingdom Hearts! :)