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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    I’m just gonna say it since nobody is noticing it. While there’s a chance Riku might be on a different plane of existence like in DDD, I highly doubt it. They’re most likely in the same place, just some miles apart. Yes, he is in Shinjuku, and there are hints of Nomura’s bitterness about...
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    [SPOILER] Something about Scala ad Caelum

    Went up close out of sheer curiousity despite getting my butt kicked. It’s the Daybreak Tower for sure. The structural style, the fallen floating clock gears, it’s all there but with calcified buildup of rocks and coral from being underwater too long. Scala ad Caelum is definitely a city...
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    Seven Princesses Of Hearts Nobodies?

    Naminé is an anomaly. Her existence isn't supposed to make sense yet anyway. Only one other princess had an "other half" but that's more concerned with the Disney canon than the Kingdom Hearts canon.
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    Special Nobodies (Possible Spoilers)

    Mind if you quoted that scene to jog my memory? I played DDD but I can't remember any scene that mentions age. Maybe it was in the Japanese but not the English?
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    Special Nobodies (Possible Spoilers)

    Well to be fair a Nobody keeping their human appearance is already rare in itself and the chances are just above astronomically low. Then there's also the fact that Xemnas can reduce humanoid Nobodies into Dusks which I suppose can raise those chances of occurring but we just didn't notice...
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    What plot hole/plot device would you like to see solved in KHIII or future sagas?

    I'm sure there's probably a buried thread here somewhere, but it's so buried and old I made a new one. Remember to limit it to three's because three is the magic number. For me it would be: The truth about Naminé, her basis of existence, etc. Will the worlds ever be one again in the future...
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    Kingdom Hearts 0.2- the dark secret...?

    What happens to a heart when the body dies? Does it go back to Kingdom Hearts and stays there or gets reincarnated and nourishes it [Kingdom Hearts] with each lifetime of experience a la The Spirits Within?
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    Kingdom Hearts 0.2- the dark secret...?

    I should've clarified.:wink: What I meant was when did any protagonist and major supporting character ever died a permanent death in Disney's watch?
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    Kingdom Hearts 0.2- the dark secret...?

    It's Disney; when have they ever let anyone especially a major character die on-screen? Square-Enix wouldn't dare to do it either, unless maybe it's a girl who likes flowers and the method being a Muramasa driven through her gut, but I doubt it'll happen here. A keyblade completely impaling...
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    Namine, Roxas, Xion (Theory)

    Hm, I stand corrected. Still, Namine is an interesting character, not the most interesting, but still, enough to have a number of topic forums guessing as to what she actually is. We do know that she has some form of being somewhat omniscient. Not only was she able to manipulate Sora's memories...
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    Namine, Roxas, Xion (Theory)

    Hmm, you have a point. Still, a replica is just a replica (and no, I don't hate her, I'm just trying to be as objective as possible, story-wise). Xion's existence is already a given Roxas' is a puzzle where the picture is almost complete but the remaining pieces don't fit. Namine's...
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    Namine, Roxas, Xion (Theory)

    Ooooh, definitely agree there. He really wouldn't find much use for them because they're Light-based while MX is more into Darkness, and I doubt he'll bother finding a pure-darkness being to fight the Princesses without said being being driven away because of all that light, not to mention it's...
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    Namine, Roxas, Xion (Theory)

    Smile, I like the way you think, even if it is confusing half the time. Kairi as Namine's proxy, hmm...I can't help but shake the feeling that Namine is about to play a bigger role than Kairi in the coming games (then again, she already did play bigger roles than Kairi in the past games). I...
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    Namine, Roxas, Xion (Theory)

    Wow, I didn't think forum topics literally last 1 day only to be forgotten. On another side-note, and more important one at that, Wouldn't Namine's existence and 'reunion' with Kairi mean some sort of significance in her being as well, being a non-being. (and no, this is not a tongue-twister)...
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    Xion's real name without the 'X'

    that or it could be, Oni, which either means demon or devil.
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    Naminé 's sketch and the new enemy's sign

    I'm kinda bored with the guessing games...so here it is...I NEED A FAVOR! can someone show a pic of Naminé's sketch...the three enemy insignias are supposed to be there...all three...heartless, nobody and the new one. I distinctly remember Roxas drawing the third symbol into the table before it...