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    KH2:FM+ Script ?

    Hi, Is there a script for KH2:FM+??? I understand english voices (:O) but I dont understand any of the japanese sub, with that I also mean the japanese dialog and such. Even though I've played KH2, I want to know what it means or It looks like I'm skipping halve of it -.-. So... is there a...
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    Kh2:fm & Kh2:re:com

    hi, About this confusing stuff, I couldn't really find good information about it. I want to know about the english/japenese voice/sub. From what I've heard so far KH2: FM will have FULL ENGLISH VOICE ACTING & Japanese SUB, is that right? WHat I DONT KNOW is: KH2 RE:Chain of Memory, Will it...
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    [Naruto] Movie #2!!

    The dvd of Naruto Movie #2 is out and also the english subbed version of Naruto Movie #2. The Great Clash! The Phantom Ruins of the Depths of the Earth is the name of the movie(at least that was what the sub said) Download it here: http://yhbt.mine.nu/t/ Just to let you know... I wasnt really...
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    waste? baka, it was enjoyment :D and plz use spoiler tags, i havnt play kh2 yet >_<
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    Is KH2 worth?

    yeah, i think i should, cause i love it. I only though about money and the playing time lol
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    question about preorder

    I posted it at support. But a mod moved it to this place. But it's already answered, thx for the answer anyway and, i didn't even know till an admin told me....
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    ? preorder

    I think someone deleted my post. I dont know why.. so i'll post again. Because i still don't have an answer. I wanna preorder KH2, because it's not coming out Europe soon. So i click the link on khinsider homepage. yes i know, you need a special chip to play, i have that. But will they include...
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    question about preorder

    Preorder thing. I live in Netherlands, and i wanna preorder KH2 with that link at the homepage of khinsider. I know, you need a modded ps2, okay i have that. If i live in Netherlands, can i just preorder KH2 and let it ship to my home? wihout paying like $20 shipping cost?? with that link on...
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    i beat sephiroth 2 times

    lol, forgot to tell you guys.. i've also beaten him recently... tryed like 5 times... had to study him for a while. I couldn't give up after hearing soo muhc people have beaten sephiroth... :P.
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    Ultima Weapon

    you first need to synthisize all the items once... than you unlocked the ultima
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    Question | help

    I have a question, I'm making a clan with KH with a game. And i can have my own section. How should i name that topic? Traverse town? or what? I can't really think of something good. HOpe i can get some advice. thx
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    what was it anyway?

    in the KH game, what did they always say? It something like: If you believe in the Light, darkness will never defeat you. Is that right? I want to know it exactly, it's the slogan for my clan ;D
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    The Suffering in Europe

    lol, yeah i live in Europe... But no way im gonna wait that long. IM just going to preorder it. I can play NTSC games you know. (between us ;)) or i could download it...
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    4 way battle

    ITs free for all right? Sora would win.. | duh.. 2nd would be "cloud"
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    Kh Mmorpg

    hmmm, that would be fun. MMORPG is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. I think it would be fun to own your own customized keyblade master. I think it would be the most fun if you can't chose the real characters, cause of course everyone wants the cool once... the real character could...
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    Drive forms?

    I saw it in the trailers, but i think you can't. I mean, sometimes you can: Wisdom Form: You can chose your own private keyblade Brave: You can chose 1 key, and oathkeeper is MUST Master: You can chose 1 key, and Oblivion is MUST FInal: is MUst have Oblivion and Oathkeeper. THat is what i think :D
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    KH movie?

    uhh, i heard a rumor. Is there a movie coming out or what? can someone tell me that or show me some real information? ty
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    Is KH2 worth?

    uhh, KH2 is almost released in USA. The once in Japan who played it, Is it worth?? Or is it too short or something?? Im not really sure i will preorder it. People, plz help me out and give your opinion
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    Have you beaten sephiroth?

    Whatever his name is, i havnt even beat him yet. Cause i only tryed once, i was scared away :D. But im notreally playing it anymore...so? ps: sorry for my english
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    Have you beat sephiroth?

    Whatever his name is, i havnt even beat him yet. Cause i only tryed once, i was scared away :D. But im notreally playing it anymore...so?