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    i think aqua is going to be like kairi.were she plays a major role in opening kingdom hearts.like in kingdom hearts 1 when it revealed her as a princess of hearts.and another reason it aint terras shadow is the shadow in the pictures right shoulder looks normal and flat.if it was terra it would...
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    call of duty 4 PC

    im wondering how to check the computer to see if it has call of dutys requierments to play it.and if anyone hase it for the pc what the controles are.
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    terra kh2 fm

    what does terra say when you go back for a rematch after beating him
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    missed oprotunity

    am i the only one who thinks they missed the idea of putting vincent in one of the cell things in kh2 in the mansion basement.i hate vincent but it would have been kinda cool
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    vens key

    does anyone have a good picture of vens keyblade.
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    airsoft vs paintball

    which do yo guys perfer,paintball,or airsoft.personaly i choos airsoft.its more realistic,causes more pain,no im not emo,it is allot less weight,and costs less.
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    prince of persia

    im looking forward to this movie.i also hope they make a warrior within and the two thrones prince of persia movie.
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    awesom video.

    i just saw this awesome video.it is there magical trevor (everyone loves magical trevor) - flash
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    mickey an emo???

    is it just me or does it look like mickwy went emo in the birth by sleep picture.all black looking all mad.hes cool still but whyd he hafta go emo.sigh.
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    A plot contradiction?

    and ansem also said that made him closer to making hearts out of nothing.so xemnass plan would work.
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    Fanfiction ► xehanorts avenger

    i have not done this before annd i have nothing to do.tell me how it is.i wont be offended. Terra was standing silently.staring off in the distance.then out of the corner of his eye he saw an army of heartless.he stood silently for a few more seconds then got his keyblade and quickley glided...
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    carring keyblade

    in kh1 manga in wonderland it showed sora carring his keyblade on his back.i thnink terra should carry it like that.and does anyone no why sora doesnt do it in kh1 or 2
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    peradox cerberus

    what about he other peradox battles
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    peradox cerberus

    im on the cerberus peradox battle anf i cant get 1300 orbs.is there anyone else who knows how to.and how do you get the last 2 paradox. only have them,cerberus peradox for colliseum and the synthisus notes and missions and miniegames.but missin and minniegames are cause of colliseum.everyone is...
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    battle stance

    i dont no.i think thats still to often.but i gues it would be better than nothing.
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    halo again?

    why does everybody love halo.what is so different hat it has that no other shooter has...nothing.some mite say sheild grenade.yeah the only thing new with that is its a grenade.timespliters has a gun that sheilds you.oh but that aint full body sheild...fine...devil may cry 3.when you beat...
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    battle stance

    to some stance is importand but to me it is verey importan.some times. i despise the idea of onother character carying there keyblade on there shoulder.i think its kinda anoing.but since its terra no matter what he does everything is cool.but i dont want keyblade on shoulder anymore.it happens...
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    battle stance

    i hope that terra in bbs doesnt carry is keyblade on his shoulder.i hope when hes running in combat he does it like sora in kh2 and when hes walking with it out but not in combat.like roxas when hes not in combat.i think.well for it out not in combat just running with it in one hand to his...
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    terras keyblade

    thankes kiante and cin.i really appreciate it.
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    terras keyblade

    does anyone have a picture or no were a picture is of terras keyblade.if you do post it or tell me were it is.