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    the 13th struggle?

    the song is awesome, its one of my favorite songs in the game
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    the 13th struggle?

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    the 13th struggle?

    does anyone know where I can download the song that is played when you are fighting axel?
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    Video Review

    Have any of you seen the video review on ign explaining why they gave KH2 a 7.6.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    no i don't have it yet either :(
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    What Guide

    I would want valor.
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    countdown to kingdom hearts 2!

    we are counting down to KH2!!! :mad:
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    When will you get KH2?

    i'm getting it on the 29th, but i hope i can get it on the 28th.
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    Can you delete

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    If you reserved it last year do you have to reserve again this year, would they forget about your reservation??
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    lion sora?

    can lion sora use any drive forms, where would he hold his other keyblades??
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    Official Countdown Thread.

    do any of you know when gamecrazy is getting KH2???
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    What level

    sora: 87 riku: 72
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    Playing as roxas is going to be cool he is one of my fav. characters, and I can't wait to axel.
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    Wisdom Form??

    How often do you think you will use wisdom form?? I will probably only use it when i want a stronger magic effect. Do you restore more health by using cure while your in wisdom form??
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    I pre-ordered kingdom hearts 2 last year, I was wondering if i have to pre-order it again this year?:confused:
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    Secret Bosses?

    Do you think their will be other secret bosses besides sephiroth in KH2?:confused:
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    The End?

    What will you do once you beat KH2?
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    The Best?

    Who do you like better sora or roxas?
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    Kurt Zisa

    I need help on how to beat kurt zisa, i've tried like 100 times! and i still can't beat him. I'm about to give up trying to beat him so please help me:(