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    some help music help

    well i don't know if this is the right place to put it but im looking for the follwoing tracks.. could someone help me they are extras fkh2 final mix Deep Anxiety Disappeared Another Side re chain of memories Graceful Assassin Scythe of Petals Lord of the Castle Forgotten Challenge Castle...
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    hey me badly please

    im looking for the following songs could someone help me Tracklist: 01. Devil Inside [Album Version] 02. Devil Inside [RJD2 Remix] 03. Devil Inside [Richard Vission Radio Edit] 04. Devil Inside [Scum Frog Radio Edit] 05. Devil Inside [Richard Vission Experience] 06. Devil Inside [Richard...
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    Zero Amv

    CHECK MY AMV PLEASE I BE VERY HAPPY IF YOU LEAVE COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE AND HERE SOME ARE OLD YouTube - KH2 Great Memories YouTube - Kingdom hearts 2 YouTube - Kingdom hearts 2 mix with rap YouTube - Kingdom hearts 2 amv YouTube - Kingdom hearts 2 ENJOY one MORE COMMING SOON YouTube -...
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    Rate my skills even though i heal lol alot

    YouTube - Sora Against larxene lv86 Second Fight
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    kingdom heart 2 final mix help

    okay i sync every item excep this one here is a video i made witch will be in youtube could someone pease tell me what item im missing thanks.. i think is a serenty crystal or something please help me thanks.. i jus gonna give you my profile videos and just wait until it gets broadcast i also...
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    I just realized something xibgar blue and purple gun in different versions

    I was playing kh2 the regular and i was against Xigbar his weapon is purple right in the regular kh right but then i just quit and started playing Xigbar in kh2fm his weapon change color into blue did anyone realize ..:)
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    need help with roxas

    im in level 41 ready to fight roxas how do i beat him any tips could comen in handy please.
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    ORG 13thDestruction for KH2FM+

    This guide will help you beat each one of then staring from the new battle Zexion level t 1 to 18 critical mode must have -Limit triny -Valor Limit -anti-form or without it Laxerne 1-29 critical mode Must have -reflect -labor form/wisdom guide coming soon sorry i got this far
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    hey read this please

    funny does EXP=0 make you like stay in lv1 cause if it does how the **** will you beat the game ja oh yeah im playing critical after getting everything in chain of memories i missing monster cards in chain of memories and the famous spellbinder the i can't find please tell me information...
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    PLease help me rechain of memories

    hello im trying to beat re chain of memories i have like all of the org cars 1 to 12 .. I missing two darn keyblades and all regular monsters cards my percentage is 86 trying to get 100% and then play kh2fm please anyone help me..
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    Help me please rechain of memories

    I need help im playing rechain of memories and i beat the game with sora and then went the cutscene ends then it tells me to save i did. now im playing with riku i save over my sora save do i get back went i beat riku story cause the happen in the regular chain of memories for gba. thanks
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    Disc 1and Dics 2

    sorry everyone but it bugs me DISC 1 is kh2fm and DIsc 2 is Rechain of memories right someone please tell me thanks
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    who wants fm

    If you do tell me why you want it and send me a pm and post it here I probably tell you secret!!!!!!
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    Hey Someone Is Making Kh For The Psp

    http://www.freewebs.com/gunntims0103/soraadventuredev.htm go look and merry Christmas
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    kh2 Plus kh onto the psp

    check this out link http://www.jeux-france.com/news15432_nomura-interesse-par-kingdom-hearts-psp.html
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    GC,PS2,Mp3 player, 2 gb sp ,and games http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=019&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=290053208991&rd=1&rd=1
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Zexion Number 6 element: power of the stars Weapon: unknow people play com again and you guys well figure out his elment does how I know bout this
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    well hello

    Iam Finnaly in TGS is very cool place to be in. well all of xaldin said is all true. lolz xd...... well basically I din't try the khcom demo I wish. But is a whole entire line. well I was talking to one of the people in tgs and they said sadly they won't release in north america kh2 khre...
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    How much do you think it well cost

    I wish it be cheaper cause Iam not wasting 50.00 dollars for both games lol wat do you guys think :rolleyes:
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    Larger KHII:FM/KHCoM remix Scans!! :D

    thank you now I need a ps2