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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    the whole beginning thing with Roxas was really sad...that part of the game was much much better than the rest of the game imo. Especially when Roxas goes psycho on the computer and when Axel goes "I would" after Roxas says that nobody would miss him.
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    KH2 cover

    I think its just supposed to be a generic Organization member.
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    Hey guys dont know if you would care, but I've got like every single cutscene of the game in Indo-Czechoslovak (1893 Standard Alphabet). Just in case. .... Calm down guys, seriously. and um...i was joking...pretty obviously...
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    i've already made myself a keyblade made of tears...
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    hahaa every time i refresh theres a new page...reminds of the time the Episode III trailer got recorded in a Peruvian movie theater... But anyway, we should all just stop bugging him. Hell, he's probably out buying an ATI recorder so we don't have to look at fuzzy TV images. Give the guy some...
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    What if KHII got delayed

    It won't be...they're pretty much done. The game goes to presses i assume at least a week before the actual release date, so their probably just fixing tiny, tiny bugs at this point.
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    when u first get kh2.........

    and so it begins....maybe this will reach an untold amount of pages like the KHU version. Anyway, when I get it I'm going to give the metal salute to the store clerk, observe his reaction when he sees a metalhead walking out the door with Kingdom Hearts II, and then get home, and play it...
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    Anyone else hoping for a Christopher Lee interview....they'll probably add it to the site soon enough. DiZ looks like the coolest guy in the entire game imo