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  1. J

    KH3D "prelude to the final battle".

    That would be rather silly, as we're getting quite a bit more information than some of the other games got prior to release. The latest would be mid 2011.
  2. J

    the discription for RE:CODED

    I for one think that it's great that it's coming to DS. And shame on all of you who are angry about it. >.> If Square Enix will announce Kingdom Hearts 3 this year, it will most likely be at the Tokyo Game Show, so wait a while. It won't kill you.
  3. J

    How to get to level 93 in day mission mode

    I'm assuming he means the extra mission on day 93. Gamefaqs is your best option to finding out. =/
  4. J

    Best Keyblade/Gear

    Zero and Pandora for me I think. =/
  5. J

    How should coded be released if released in America/Europe/Wherever?

    Most likely a retail copy of BBS, or by itself on the PSP.
  6. J

    BBS Theatre Mode?

    It's unfortunate that quite a lot of the great scenes aren't voiced. (Like explanations when they're in the normal overworld)