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    i use valor more cause its just as strong as MAster and Final but it consumes the Drive Gauge slower. the only Con is that i cant use magic bu o well
  2. J

    xigbar..what level?

    i agree with solidsocom. go up to him and hit him alot, especially when he says "Reload" or "time to reload" sumthing like that. when he snipes u out do the Warp Snipe reaction command and on that little platform he goes crazy on u just jump and run around. about the Autos i never used them...
  3. J

    Weapon +

    ^^ they're not stronger...
  4. J


    breaking the urns doesnt depend on ur lvl. i suggest take every ability off and only equip Negative Combo. also knock the large urns into the crowd of smaller urns because u get more points. if possible equip Fenrir so your combos and at 1 hit
  5. J

    kingdom hearts 2 quotes

    "Is that all you got?" "If the world consists of light and darkness.. we'll be the darkness" "Well there is one advantage to being me...something you could never imitate...having a friend like you"
  6. J

    Weapon +

    Its not really an upgrade... its thae same Strength and the same Magic. The + weapons just have a different attribute such as Queen+ has I think MP Hastega and I forgot what King+ has, and ya you have to use A Serenity material.
  7. J

    Beaten Game? Come in!

    i beat it in 4 days on Proud including Pooh's world and Atlantica. to beat sephiroth i would suggest equiping Trinity Limit and Berserk Charge. also try to get the growth abilities at leaset to levl 1. as soon as the battle begins do the Reaction Command then use Trinity. when thats over go...
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    Complete List of King Mickey Boss Battles

    it doesnt mean u were weak i didnt die once in that door heartless battle and i was probably the same level as u. also summoning mickey doesnt mean ur weak people r gonna die in a game might as well get a second chance.
  9. J

    fomr question...

    for Master Form and Final Form you dont need both Donald and Goofy you just need any 2 party members
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    lol Cid suprised me when i first heard it. Aerith has no emotions in her voice, its weird but you get used to it.
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    you get it when you beat Oogie Boogie in Halloween Town 1st visit. then you get an upgrade of it after you beat the Grim Reaper the second time on the 2nd visit to Port Royal. you will need Magnet and Magnara to complete Atlantica
  12. J

    final form

    it was weird i was expecting to have to Drive like a whole bunch of times to get Final but i only used it once and recieved during Xigbar. EDIT: Same here -BLITZ-
  13. J

    How Far In the Game Are You?

    i've already beat it twice first on Normal then on Beginner. I want to get it memorized bfore going through Proud. Normal: Roughly 3 days Beginner:2 days
  14. J

    KH2 Reverse Rebirth

    No there is no reverse rebirth. you just get to control Riku against Xemnas, when Xemnas is trying to steal Sora's heart
  15. J

    Drive glitch/exploit?

    That Drive refilling thing happens i think everywhere. What you do is you go into drive then before the drive bar gets to 0 you run back into a place where you can talk to your party, this refills your drive bar to its max. If the bar reaches 0 before you run back to that talking place you'll...
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    so did i like 2 yrs ago
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 commercial

    i saw the commercial 3 times on G4 last night
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    New Scans ( Some Spoilers )

    lmao "Xaixs, Sigbaar, Zaldin" either this guy tried to spell them himself, or he tried to make them easier to pronounce
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    well im tired so talk to u all l8z, hopefully Sanctuary will be up when i wake up. its like xmas all over again