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    Knights' visor helmets to prevent looking at KH?

    Wow it's been like a year since I made a thread here haha. I know I'm probably looking into this way more than needed...but isn't that what we all do lol. Anyway, do you think it's possible that the purpose of the dark visors on Terra, Aqua, and Ven's helmets was to sort of prevent them from...
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    Confirmed Worlds

    Re: Confirmed Worlds - Full list (Cinderella!!) I really think that the Disney worlds are actually going to fit in BETTER in the more mature theme of BBS (which seems weird). The reason being that the Disney worlds were basically just side trips for Sora in the other games. They weren't...
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    Similarities between new Org member and the DS

    Yeah, I also noticed that in the new magazine pic of DS, he/she/it seemed almost...child-like, or female. I don't think it really matters what people look like in the secret endings...Nomura said at one point that he was still working on their faces or something. Roxas in Deep Dive doesn't...
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    new enemy?

    Maybe like someone else said they are the "pure darkness." Cuz if the Shadow Heartless are Shadows, and a shadow is the absence of light created by something blocking the path of the light, then maybe these things are the things that are "making the shadow." Do what you want with that...
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    Clothes connection (Roxas--Ven; Master Xehanort--Xehanort's Heartless)

    Something OmniChaos said made me think...maybe the dark soldier's face hasn't been revealed, because he will look exactly like Xehanort does. Stick with me! (This is sort of a merging of Omni's theory and my own) Maybe MX didn't have enough strength to survive, so he kind of merged with the...
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    Terra, Ven, and Aqua's MASTER~???

    Aw, Oblivionite that would make me cry lol. I hope there's a lot of emotion and a sense of reality in BBS. I have a feeling Nomura will make us feel sorry for the enemies we hate, and possibly even hate the ones we loved. Axel is an example of how Nomura likes to twist people around (although...
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    Clothes connection (Roxas--Ven; Master Xehanort--Xehanort's Heartless)

    I posted something about this in another thread...but yeah. K well we all know that Ven is wearing clothes basically identical to Roxas', and that Master Xehanort is wearing clothes basically identical to Xehanort's Heartless' right? I think we can all agree on that. So I definitely think...
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    Terra, Ven, and Aqua's MASTER~???

    Couldn't they live in Radiant Garden? Cuz I even think one of the previews said something about them standing in a place that resembled Hollow Bastion or something.... Dang, they REALLY should've had a hardcore KH fan to analyze the video. Cuz all we're getting is stuff like "Roxas, who is...
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    I wonder why DS's face hasn't been reveiled yet unlike the others...

    Yeah...look at them. Maybe if MX was younger I could see it...but I don't know what he looks like younger so I don't know.
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2

    One source (I forget which one) said that it is pronounced "three five eight days over two"...whatever the heck that means. Edit: Oh, and what was that Roxas quote? The one where he said he would disappear in a certain amount of days? I forget how many days he said...but that's obviously...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion I think we really need to actually see this trailer because I hear SO many different things from different sources. One thing I did hear from only one source, was that you would be going to Disney worlds in 358/2. Is this confirmed by more than one...
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    Terra, Ven, and Aqua's MASTER~???

    Yeah, [to the original poster] I got the same idea from that. It's pretty obvious from that statement that this master isn't Master Xehanort. I don't think MX would be telling someone that his self has gone missing and they need to go look for his self. Although Nomura IS crazy so who knows.
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    Roxas/Ven's clothes! significance?

    The fact that Ven is wearing Roxas' outfit, and Master Xehanort is wearing Xehanort's Heartless' outfit implies to me that something similar is going on with those 2 connections. I'm guessing whatever happens to Ven at the end of BBS is gonna happen to Master Xehanort. Maybe they both go up to...
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    Somthing i noticed about BBS

    I think they could be younger, but if you look at the Org members, they look really weird. It's just the artwork I think.
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    I wonder why DS's face hasn't been reveiled yet unlike the others...

    Since he is so close to "Master Xehanort" he will most likely be someone easily recognizable as someone from the other games. Although, they might not be recognizable considering Master Xehanort looks nothing like Xehanort.
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    Terra friend of sora and riku?

    Maybe like how Namine can rearrange memories and stuff, someone can actually erase people from the past as opposed to simply erasing everyone's memories of that person. That WOULD tie in with the whole "time" theme. Maybe Master Xehanort can erase people from the past...I dunno.
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    Other holidays in Halloweentown

    Did anyone else notice that behind the tree that leads to ChristmasTown there were trees that were clearly for other holidays? I believe there was one for Easter, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, and like 1 or 2 others. I dunno I just thought that was kind of an interesting little tidbit for you all.
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    2.5x longer

    There are a LOT of people who are saying that KH2 shouldn't be short because "Nomura said it was 2.5 times longer." I should REALLY clear it up the he never said that; he said that there will be roughly 2.5 TIMES AS MUCH DIALOGUE in KH2. That doesn't necessarily mean that the game will have...
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    KH3 and beyond (no spoilers)

    I was just thinking that it would be kinda cool if with every new release in the KH series (that is IF there is), they did something similar to letting you play as someone new, as they did in KH2. And THEN in the sequel to that game that new character takes the lead role (KH3 starring...
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    Passion craze

    Yeah this is freaky...I know this is really repetetive but the EXACT same thing happened to me! At first I was like, "...this is it?!" but then every time i listened to it i loved it more and more (though I don't think anything could ever replace Simple and Clean). The thing is that I think...