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    Maniac Mode 1000 help

    i don't get why ya'll say to unequip explosion, since it kills all the pots around you which is the whole point, then hit the big pots with an air attack. Oh well, both tactics work so it doesn't matter. Honestly tho, draw is the only ability you really need to beat it.
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    titan andhaes paradox wont open

    sby specifying titan and hades paradox, he knows they're in hades' chamber, to get these two you must, unfortunately, level up summons to 7 as well as all forms.
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    Maniac Mode 1000 help

    whatcha mean, explosion rules for it, killing the small pots makes big ones show up. Then use an air attack on the big ones. All ya need is draw, jackpot, and a small combo, couldn't be easier. I did it like, level 40 without fenrir or negative combo.
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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    No gameboy game is worth buying anymore, so I downloaded a GBA, big computer to screen to play on and it's all for free, ha ha.
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    Riku And King Micky In Black Hoods

    Simplt put, Mickey was all paranoid and in disguise, even tho any idiot could recognize him anyway. And Riku was hiding what happened to him from Sora.
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    Cerberous Cup

    your level could matter, if you go back later it will be easy. otherwise, just use valor and attack cerburus with finishing moves only, like use valor's square ability after your first hit everytime. The rumbling rose blade (Dunno if you would have it) also helps as you can use two finishers in...
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    that and you have magic. Each of them except for yuffie is owned by a particular spell. My method is to remopve the MP charge so that only curaga can recharge mana, that way you don't go accidently overboard with spells.
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    there's normal heartless/nobodies every round except a boss every 5th level, like 5,10,15 etc. 50 rounds. Rules change every ten, 40-50 are insane. (Sora's alone, no special conditions) The normal enemies are as strong as bosses half the time, atleast when they are together. Towards the end you...
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    beat xemnas the first time and then win the goddess of fate cup. Then go to Hades' chamber and talk to him. You should have the first three paradox cups. the fourth cup, Hades Paradox, requires that all your drives and summons are at level 7. And I don't believe there are any rewards, just...
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    I think the damage points one is where you can summon. first use quick run to back away from th enemies and summon, run again since the limit takes a second to get ready, then use Peter's neverland, fly around to pick up all the enemies, and attack them with the flying boy (his triangle attack)...
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    help with paradox cups

    Peter's neverland makes heartless stick to you like a magnet when you touch them, gather up a bunch of them and then either - - collect hundreds of orbs by pressing X, or deal good damage with Triangle. I believe tinkerbell also serves to regen your HP.
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    help with paradox cups

    thought the 1300 point cup he asked about was the solo drive cup, not summons. But anyway, I believe that's the one where there's a bunch of icey cubes one side and bombs on the other, get them all in one magnet and they explode for big points, must be some kind of chemical reaction there.
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    Help me please

    And reflect is great for blocking since it sends the damage back to him. Set shortcuts to cure, reflect, elixer. And theres an orichalcum guide stickied here, that's all I can say.
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    Gummi Ships

    the best ship (I think) is composed of atleast 10 cockpits in a square shape, each one increases cannon damage. Have half multidirectional guns, (blue) the rest straight shots. (orange) throw in draw, medal converter, one cost converter, formation change and cannon upgrade. you might have some...
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    If they keep the drive system, make wisdom less useless since master and final have better magic and can attack. Wisdom form should make the keyblade grow longer into a staff that can be swung around you all cool-like instead of that stupid shot attack. If they have to keep wisdom the way it is...
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    And even tho they're powerful and look really cool, they take all your MP so it's not always worth it. As for how often we discuss them, they're just not as noticable as things like drives and magic.
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    Just thought of something pretty sweet. Rather than all combos being X-button based except for the occasional square, there needs to be atleast 100 moves by combining the directional buttons with your attacks, like soul calibur. Even super smash brothers has direction plus button to create nine...
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    Believe me or not

    sweet memories. Guard break is a very good thing if you have finshing plus. Both break and explosion will hit him easy. Though at level 49 I don't think you can have it, so it doesn't matter in this case. Heck, equip finishing plus and rumbling rose you can use three finishing moves. Seph...
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    Interesting that nobody mentioned yet, but they need to get the interactive environments back. Like how in KH1 you could get treasure by putting out the flames in the colliseum torches, light fire places, and lots of boxes and barrels, hitting chimneys and laundry lines etc. Also, they need to...
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    Believe me or not

    Ya it's true what Trish said, the damn Hades Paradox cup is harder than sephy, even at level 99. Damn morning stars spinning around don't leave ya alone until you can thundaga them like 6 times. Course, I wouldn't know if it's possible or not since I'm always well ahead of level 50 by the time...