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    if u could add a boss in kh2 who would it be?

    I'd have Kuja, Regular Hojo, Vincent Valentine, Rikku (replace Yuffie), Balthier and Fran from FF12. They could make a cameo.
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    asas:twilight town theroies

    erm well that's a bit farfetched since it is more likely and porbably comfirmed that DD is its own world. and ASAS and DD are the same things but just in different colours when you watch them.
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    Mickey Mouse And The End Of The Line And New Pics Discussion

    one word; punctuation. Use it. Yes we have all seen the trailer from Jump Festa 05(wish I could have gone). I thought the form you call blue mage is valor or Brave form. What are you talkin about when you say universal lord? try posting again so that we can understand it when we read it....with...
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    Make up some key blades i'll join in and say wat i think.

    Holy Lance Attack +7 MP +3 Strength: 40 Element: Holy A keyblade once believed to have defeated the Dark Host. Heartless cringe and cower at its presence. Reach: Long Keychain: A crucifix like shape.
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    PS3 Tech Demo!!!

    What if they did a PS3 Technical Demo of Kingdom Hearts 2 or a teaser trailer for a possible 3 rd instalment. I mean they revamp DD and ASAS with real cool PS3 grafix or make a new trailer for like the Square Enix Party coming soon. Wouldn't that be the best? Imagine an FMV Demo of BHK and the...
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    is leon yuffie and airith gonna be in kh2

    Aerith should definetly stay in. In KH she could sense the precence of darkness. Hey, we might be able to team up with Squall, or Rikku if she's in it.
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    what the differ. between dawn and twilight ?

    Why don't we wait? I mean it is nice to know somethings and to speculate and all but we would be more surprised to see it in the game rather than know everything before even playing it.
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    optional bosses pt2

    Kuja either way would be the best. Hojo would be really cool too. Not Hellectic Hojo. Maybe you could fight Freya or Amarant. Nice. Zidane could be like one of those kids like wakka, tidus and selphie. The combo of Rinoa, Garnet, Yuna and Penelo/Ashe would be out of the blue. Kimarhi in...
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    The Organization: Before the Beginning

    ¬The Organization. Those that must unlock the secrets to the Heart. The Nobodies that walk among us. Those that we never see. Only a mere small group of 13 they journey on missions to the unexplored worlds unlocking the secrets of the worlds heart and manipulating it. Their Superior makes the...
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    Fanfiction ► The Vampire Silver

    wierd. you speak of life coming out of the womb as if you can easily remember it. well you are the creature of the night. it's alright. very plain and 'bleh'. 6/10
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    Last film you watched!

    All you gotta do is post the last film you watched. Also to prevent spamming please say a bit about the film ex. what you though of it, improvements, who was hot and not etc. Enemy of the State Will Smith at his best.
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    new team member??

    FFXII. ya know a little preview of the world and characters. partner=Vaan Hero. Partner=Nameless or is it Noname Gargoyles that disney film. that would be great. it's disney with kickass characters and a possible candidate for the KH2.
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    well was the musashi concept designed by Nomura or someone else. If Nomura then he might just put him in if not then no chance.
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    i think there will defintely be new ones. here's what i think. Ancient China: Honor Underworld: Masamune (recieve it from Auron after helping him) Ancient Greece: Zeus's Thunder Far far away plain: Beauty (recieve from Belle)
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    Axel's Award Winning Performance

    I think the role of the Key Guardian will appear and Axel will be that role. He's known it all his life that he has to protect the key blade master but has never been able to tell anyone except for BHK. BHK and Axel are actually good friends but Axel keeps trying to get to Sora to help him but...
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    Hi all you KH fans, glad to be here, and i hope i enjoy it. looks like a really cool kh forum. i'm already part of another one but this one looked cool. _+*broken angel*+_