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    Not Impressed With the "Limited Edition" ...

    When I bought 1.5 ReMix, I was amazed with what I got. I loved how the game was inside the awesome artbook. It felt so perfect, going back to Disney's roots of the movies coming from storybooks! For $40, it was *the* perfect "Thank you" for fans who pre-ordered the game. Now ... we get a...
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    KH at E3?

    I believe it was in one of his Twitter comments. He *did* tell us that KH 3D would be making an appearance at E3. It wasn't at E3, he lied to us, and he didn't even have the courtesy to give us any updates on the subject. Just left us hangin'. I love him for making the KH series, but I truly...
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    KH at E3?

    I'm really, really, REALLY starting to hate being a fan of this series. It is probably one of the worst to be a fan of when it comes to ... a lot of things actually.
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    This site needs more activity!

    I remember when I would come on this site every couple of days to see a bunch of stuff updated, even if it was minuscule. I miss those days. Now I feel like I repeatedly enter a dead site, and it's starting to get to me. Does anyone think the staff can do some events of some kind, even if...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    I am, too. I swear, if they get them to have English voices, I'ma be super pissed. It'll be like a slap in the face to NA players.
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    Why the Floods are purple in BBSFM

    With the exception of the Armor Guard heartless and the Phantom in KH1 FM, I don't see the "wow" factor in any of the other color changes.
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    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Info (Exact Release, Price and Cloud Costume image)

    Just a reminder, Ven is also technically the same age, and not a Keyblade Master at that point. He's only using a wooden sword, not an actual keyblade, so it was most likely equal footing.
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    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Info (Exact Release, Price and Cloud Costume image)

    Ya. They have to buy the game twice at this point, where we only had to buy it once. I'm sorry, but playing through that game *again* with the time it takes to load everything (on the legit UMD at least) is not worth it just to fight Monstro and another form of Eraqus (as well as having to buy...
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    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Info (Exact Release, Price and Cloud Costume image)

    80 bucks ... for 2 new bosses ... lol lol lol That's funny. Those Japs are getting RIPPED OFF! Then to the actually buy this game for 80 bucks, having to deal with Jap text, just for 2 new bosses ... lol lol lol Have fun with that. I'll just watch the supposed secret ending on youtube. :D
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    (Revised) translation of new Famitsu interview

    Re: (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview Well, about the secret ending, I have a couple theories. The timeline for Nomura and the games he makes with the secret endings go like this, going in order of which all were made: 1. KH 1, with secret ending that shows KH 2. 2. KH Chain of...